The Haunting (1963)

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The Haunting

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Directed By Robert Wise Robert Wise Starring Julie Harris Julie Harris  •  Claire Bloom Claire Bloom  •  Richard Johnson Richard Johnson  •  Russ Tamblyn Russ Tamblyn  •  Fay Compton Fay Compton Genres Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Ensemble Film  •  Ghost Film  •  Gothic Film  •  Haunted House Film  •  Horror  •  Supernatural Horror Studios &
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Time Out: London's 100 Best Horror Films  •  TCM Underground  •  They Shoot Zombies, Don't They? Top 1000 Horror Movies
Release Info 1963-09-18T00:00:00Z September 18, 1963
B&W  •  112 minutes G Rated G
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Comments (3)


Vully on 9/18/2012 Reply  · 

I just watched this and found it far inferior to the 1999 remake. Not a single likeable character or actor meant i didn't care about what happened. I don't know how anyone can find this scary either. It is terribly dated. I found the whole experience like grinding my teeth against cotton wool.

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eltill on 4/22/2013 Reply  · 

I have to agree with Vully. I started to hate every character half way through the movie

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JC13 on 10/23/2015 Reply  · 

It has some pacing issues, but otherwise I liked it.

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