Broken Arrow (1996)

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Broken Arrow

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Directed By John Woo John Woo Starring Christian Slater Christian Slater  •  Samantha Mathis Samantha Mathis  •  Bob Gunton Bob Gunton  •  Carmen Argenziano Carmen Argenziano  •  Casey Biggs Casey Biggs  •  Charlie Brewer Charlie Brewer  •  Gary Epper Gary Epper  •  James MacDonald James MacDonald  •  Jim Palmer Jim Palmer  •  Myke Schwartz Myke Schwartz Genres Action  •  Spy Film  •  Action Thriller  •  Chase Movie Release Info 1996-02-09T00:00:00Z February 9, 1996
Color  •  108 minutes R Rated R
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Caesar on 4/17/2013 Reply  · 

Why Howie Long didn't win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance in this movie, I will never know.

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