Ace Eli and Roger of the Skies (1973)

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Ace Eli and Roger of the Skies

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The story of Ace Eli... when planes were young and the world was innocent... except for Ace's son Rodger... Rodger of the Skies.

Directed By John Erman John Erman Starring Lew Brown Lew Brown  •  Claudia Bryar Claudia Bryar  •  Royal Dano Royal Dano  •  Pamela Franklin Pamela Franklin  •  Don Keefer Don Keefer  •  Dixie Lee Dixie Lee  •  Bernadette Peters Bernadette Peters  •  Bill Quinn Bill Quinn  •  Patricia Smith Patricia Smith  •  Hope Summers Hope Summers Genres Drama  •  Americana Release Info 1973-04-01T00:00:00Z April 1, 1973
Color  •  89 minutes NR Rated NR
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