Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

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Avengers: Infinity War

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Directed By Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Starring Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr.  •  Chris Evans Chris Evans  •  Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth  •  Mark Ruffalo Mark Ruffalo  •  Josh Brolin Josh Brolin Genres Action  •  Adventure  •  Alien Invasion Films  •  Based-on-Comics  •  Cyborg / Android / Robot  •  Ensemble Film  •  Fantasy Adventure  •  Fantasy  •  Sci-Fi Action  •  Science Fiction  •  Space Adventure  •  Superhero Film Studios &
Walt Disney Pictures  •  Marvel Comics  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  Hulk  •  Captain America  •  Iron Man  •  MTV Movie Award for Best Movie Nominated  •  Marvel Cinematic Universe  •  Thor  •  Billion-Dollar Film Club
Release Info 2018-04-25T00:00:00Z April 25, 2018
Color  •  156 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Avengers: Infinity War vs. Return of the Jedi

Avengers: Infinity War Return of the Jedi VS.

DanRanks13 said on Thursday

"If any movie were to beat Return of the Jedi, this is definitely the one. Avengers: Infinity War..." more ►

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Comments (22)


Eagleskywalker87 on 4/20/2018 Reply  · 

Marvel is a special kind of awful. Not all art has to be serious or angst or complex or anything. Except, most Marvel movies are so generic and "been there, done there" in its story, so emotionless and so CGI heavy that it feels almost unnatural to watch. Like it was tested a thousand times before it was released. Almost like a computer programmed to inflict emotion on its viewers but because you’re given no reason to be emotionally invested everything comes off as forced and awkward. It's hard believe a franchise that only exists to bring joy and happiness and for the viewer to see an action spectacle where the good guys triumph in the end can be so negative on the film industry.

To be fair, I hate most movies that only exist to be lightweight, joyful fluff and meaningless light-heartedness. The sense of fake enthusiasm, the lack of grittiness and the lack of sincerity is what gets me. The whole "It’s Saturday night and I’m at home with my mates with a couple boxes of pizza, what’s on NetFlix that we can mindlessly entertain ourselves with until we decide that we're all bored and would rather play Call Of Duty?" thing that a lot of modern day action movies and Will Ferrell comedies exist for. Blockbusters can be great. The Star Wars trilogy, Raiders, Back To The Future, etc. But they had complex themes, inventive stories and the characters were constantly emotionally and mentally tested to balance out their light-heartedness. What does Marvel have? The Thor movies? Please. It's hard to create compelling cinema when your main intentions involve lame jokes, colours, mind numbing action and having to set up universes instead of character progression, substance, etc.

The day Iron Man 2 was released was the day when mainstream cinema started to, well, suck. The three films leading up to The Avengers couldn’t make up their minds on whether they wanted to be their own thing or set up The Avengers and they were all so incredibly dull, poorly thrown together and messy because of it. The Avengers wasn't that great, either. Like most Marvel movies and what Infinity War is going to be, it was a gimmick crafted to create hype. Wow! All these characters in the one film! But what’s different? It’s another 140 minute mindless action sequence without depth and a predictable, basic story. Another problem with Marvel is that they will make a movie with new characters with new powers in a different location, but the story and structure is the same so what’s the point? Playing it all too safe and pandering to the crowd so they can make money can’t seriously be their technique.

What is Marvel's technique? Hiring inexperienced directors and getting executives to tell them how they should be doing their job instead of letting them have their own creative visions? Watering down simplistic story ideas and basic structures with a lack of emotion and a focus on saturated colours and bad jokes to become basically a parody of themselves? Giving up consistent plot lines with a wiliness to end in a 2 hour runtime just for a guess on what character will headline a hit movie.

Worse of all, now in 2018, the Marvel formula is trying to be repeated in many franchises. Blockbusters pushing much better indie movies and lower budgeted Hollywood films to the side. Now it seems like I’m just going to a movie to see a new instalment in a franchise or a lame spin-off. Star Wars had Rogue One which was an unnecessary and unimaginative cash-grab, DC rushed out "Dawn Of Justice" in atempt to set up "Justice League" as quickly as possible to catch up to Marvel (Having Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the same film while also introducing Aqua-Man, The Flash And Cyborg in the space of 3 minutes in their second film. At least, Marvel had 4 origin stories and a "proper" sequel before "The Avengers"), now we're getting also getting a Kong/Godzilla franchise and a universe that’s going to (poorly) recreate the monsters franchise from the 1930s (starting with that awful "The Mummy). All CGI driven, mindless extravaganzas without soul.

As I was writing this I thought to myself; what’s the worst Marvel movie? It’s a damn hard question because I rank many of them very low. The lack of substance and incredibly poorly structured "Avengers: Age Of Ultron", the first two "Thor" movies, the bland and corny "Captain America: The First Avenger", the unintentional comedy "Iron Man 3", one of the most overrated movies of all time "Guardians Of The Galaxy", the generic and overly CGI and expositional "Doctor Strange" or the emotionless "Spider-Man: Homecoming" with its bland action and poorly written characters. You could put all these names into a hat and none of them could be wrong.

Marvel is a symbol of 'sentimentality' and a symbol of 'garishness'. A symbol of something that shows an image of exaggerated sadness or tendency without any emotional or context. A symbol of something bright and colourful without depth. Marvel is a huge example of popularity over quality. Most Marveltards will tell you that these movies are brilliant either because faceless critics from Rotten Tomatoes will give these movies 90% scores out of fear that they will be judge by others because it’s currently considered "hip" to enjoy fast-paced explosions without heart. This illusion all came crashing in though when Black Panther was released and it was hated because it actually had something to say. Yeah, Marvel makes money and each new movie gets a lot of people talking. But, in the end, it’s just empty nonsense made by people with no artistic vision for people without artistic vision. And the fact that in modern cinema that’s being celebrated, I get very sad.

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Crapbaskets123 on 8/22/2022 Reply  · 

Grittiness isn't really necessary to make a great movie. For example, look at Amelie. French film, feel good movie. But it's one of the best I've seen, specifically on a technical level. The story's fine, but it's the technical flawlessness that pushes it over most

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UberLives on 4/22/2018 Reply  · 

A week to go and I literally can't wait. True greatness is upon us as it all leads to this!!! Prepare thy bodies!

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UberLives on 4/25/2018 Reply  · 

"There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people so when we needed them they could fight the battles that we never could. Gentlemen, what are you prepared to do?" - Nick Fury

Well, we get our answer here minus Nick Fury himself. All these amazing heroes come together in the best way possible. It really does pay off ten years of excellence. Don't buy in to the notion that this isn't a stand alone installment. It more that is and the third act alone would be considered THE BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE EVER MADE. Add the first two acts and what results is a gem that lives up to the hype.

I believe that it is because Marvel has set this up from the start and have done so delivering some instant classics of their own. They combined the greatness of what we've already seen but added a more epic film. Avengers Infdinity War could be the greatest adventure film of all-time and not just comic book related. No other franchise got individual solo films to develop a film's characters. They had the budget and the right guys in place to make it all work. How the Russo's pulled this off is almost beyond belief. The movie isn't overcrowded because the many many characters already have backstory. Thanos is given the development and the entire narrative prospers because of it. Every character gets special treatment small and large. Brief moments like Mantis or large moments like Thor, EVERYONE gets a moment to shine. Be prepared to get emotional at three three separate times. This movie is a joy.

Most everyone is saying or will soon be saying that Avengers: Infinity War redefines the word epic.

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Eagle2018 on 4/25/2018 Reply  · 

2018 movie #11: Avengers: Infinity War. I'm not really too sure how to describe this film. It’s definitely a fun ride and spectacle but really doesn’t work as a film. It’s structurally all over the place, lacks in emotion and it just feels like complete set-up to me. Still, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man steal every scene they're in and that plot line is easily the most interesting. The ending is very powerful also. Apart from that... err. 6/10.

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Zebula77 on 4/26/2018 Reply  · 

Holy fuck, what a movie! Epic in every sense of the word. Definitely the crowning achievment of the MCU. Fantastic.

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Legendary on 4/26/2018 Reply  · 

Marvel has pulled off all sorts of cinematic miracles in its 10-year awesome legacy, from heist films and political thrillers to space operas and fantasy epics. Now it boasts a full-fledged Shakespearean tragedy and probably the best “number three” film ever made.

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hode on 4/27/2018 Reply  · 

I loved this, but, with a movie on this scale, where do you go next?

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johnmason on 4/30/2018 Reply  · 

A lot of people appear to be losing their shit over this one. I'm not going to call The Thanos Movie "bad", but I definitely reserve full judgment until Part 2 comes next year. Because right now, I'm not loving it.

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Fiction_Fox on 5/10/2018 Reply  · 

Bold decisions with surprises both amazing and emotionally devastating at different times. Sure a lot of what happened likely won't be permanent in the MCU, but you have to commend Marvel Studios for doing what they did and going against our expectations with who did and didn't make it out of this one alive. Some long-awaited character meet-ups didn't happen, and a certain special someone of interest to Thanos was completely missing, but I'm holding out hope that Avengers 4 will bring things full circle and correct these oversights next year.

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JoeJoe1 on 5/13/2018 Reply  · 

Avengers: Infinity War is simply a modern classic. So moving and so out of the box and so damn good. And we're only halfway home when you think about it!

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PiccoloKing on 9/28/2018 Reply  · 

Oh hi Yellowjacket/Avenger7.

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TommyDoyle2016 on 1/25/2019 Reply  · 

This right here is cancer.

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copulman on 5/4/2019 Reply  · 

It was entertaining and a fun watch. Nothing special beyond that.

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pmark862 on 2/20/2020 Reply  · 

One of the most greatest watchable entertainment action films of the saga

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noobpb17 on 10/10/2020 Reply  · 

this and iron man are the best mcu films and one of the best cbms

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DIPPBURNZZ on 6/26/2021 Reply  · 

I’ve never seen this movie.

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noobpb17 on 6/27/2021 Reply  · 

what are you waiting for

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AnthraxBeetharax on 4/21/2022 Reply  · 

The result is a thrilling, emotionally powerful movie that (mainly) accomplishes its massive goals. Avengers: Infinity War ably juggles a dizzying assortment of MCU characters in the fight against their gravest threat.

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Antonalvik on 7/14/2022 Reply  · 

My favorite

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JimmyMcGill on 8/27/2022 Reply  · 

It’s a thrilling, funny, emotional, rip-roaring crowd-pleaser that serves as a fitting culmination of their decade-long buildup.

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