End of Watch (2012)

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End of Watch

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Directed By David Ayer David Ayer Starring Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal  •  Michael Peña Michael Peña  •  Anna Kendrick Anna Kendrick  •  Natalie Martinez Natalie Martinez  •  America Ferrera America Ferrera Genres Action  •  Action Thriller  •  Buddy Film  •  Crime  •  Crime Drama  •  Crime Thriller  •  Drama  •  Found Footage Film  •  Police Drama  •  Thriller Studios &
StudioCanal  •  Open Road Films
Release Info 2012-09-08T00:00:00Z September 8, 2012
Color  •  109 minutes R Rated R
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Cloverfield vs. End of Watch

Cloverfield End of Watch VS.

MasterofMovies said on 3/15/2014

"End of Watch for me. The story was more compelling and it hits home on an emotional level...." more ►

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Comments (10)


Reelz on 9/22/2012 Reply  · 

Definitely the best buddy cop film and best cop film I've ever seen. I was legitimately frightened at times for how realistic it was. Definitely had some of the best chemistry between two actors I've seen and Gyllenhaal and Pena did wonders together. Highly recommended.

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FilmOdyssey on 12/22/2012 Reply  · 

Great movie!

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Showtimebr on 1/7/2013 Reply  · 

Reelz nailed it!

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JRM on 1/29/2013 Reply  · 

Amen to everything @Reelz mentioned. The movie had me practically shaking at times; the suspense would get that unbearable. Lots of heart in this film. I hope more people get around to watching it.

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watchman on 2/24/2013 Reply  · 

for awhile S.W.A.T was my favorite cop movie atfer ive watched end of watch it is now my second favorite now end of watch was amazing, the ending was so depressing i was about to tear up. jake gyllenhaal and michael pena should do more films together.

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Caesar on 4/7/2013 Reply  · 

I agree with Reelz that Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena both worked great together, but the film itself is merely okay.

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JRM on 12/18/2013 Reply  · 

I think the film itself is far, far more than merely okay. I was floored by its intensity, raw emotion and realistic portrayal of law enforcement.

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robmoviefilms13 on 4/29/2013 Reply  · 

Some of the best chemistry I've seen in a buddy/cop drama. The story is immersive and riveting, and it pays homage to previous movies of its sub-genre but still original.

The documentary-esque feel to its cinematography just adds to the raw element of filmmaking in this film. Great stuff and one of 2012's best.

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AverageMovieBuff on 2/12/2015 Reply  · 

Great movie with great chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Pena. The ending though, terrible compared to the overall tone and pacing of the rest of the movie. If it weren't so crazy and rushed then it wouldn't feel out of place.

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JC13 on 9/27/2015 Reply  · 

As everyone else said, Gyllenhaal and Pena have fantastic chemistry and carry the film. I was liking the film, but the last act brought it up a notch.

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