Seven Samurai (1954)

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Seven Samurai

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The Mighty Warriors Who Became the Seven National Heroes of a Small Town

Directed By Akira Kurosawa Akira Kurosawa Starring Toshirô Mifune Toshirô Mifune  •  Minoru Chiaki Minoru Chiaki  •  Takashi Shimura Takashi Shimura  •  Yoshio Inaba Yoshio Inaba  •  Seiji Miyaguchi Seiji Miyaguchi Genres Action  •  Drama  •  Ensemble Film  •  Foreign Language Film  •  Period Film  •  Samurai Film Studios &
Academy Award Nominated  •  The Criterion Collection  •  BFI  •  They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?  •  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Roger Ebert's Great Movies  •  Madman Films  •  Sight & Sound's Greatest Films of All Time Poll  •  Toho  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Nominated  •  Academy Award for Best Production Design Nominated  •  Time Out: New York's 100 Best Action Movies  •  Empire Magazine's 100 Best Films of World Cinema  •  Time Out: New York's 50 Best Foreign Films  •  The Cinemaholic's 100 Best Japanese Movies of All Time  •  The Cinemaholic's 100 Best Movies of All Time
Other Titles Shichinin no samurai [Japan] Release Info 1954-04-26T00:00:00Z April 26, 1954
B&W  •  207 minutes NR Rated NR
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Comments (17)


WaitingScene on 2/10/2012 Reply  · 

Cool Movie. I really liked how there were Seven of them.

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RoelBogers on 3/5/2012 Reply  · 

Great movie. I can see why it's an acclaimed classic, but I did have some trouble with it.
I do love my classics, but Seven Samurai is one of the few movies whose age somewhat had an effect on me. Other classics such as Hitchcocks have aged remarkably better that this movie.
Other than that it did suffer from it's feature length.
Still a must see for any movielover though.

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Reelz on 6/7/2012 Reply  · 

The 208 minute run time didn't really feel all that long to me. (I was actually hoping that it wouldn't end!) Masterfully crafted with one of the best stories and some of the most memorable characters ever. A truly remarkable film.

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jessejec123 on 2/22/2013 Reply  · 

This is absolutely one of the greatest films of all time. It requires no explanation

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robmoviefilms13 on 3/5/2013 Reply  · 

The pinnacle of Eastern cinema and a gem that will live on forever.

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SLionsCricket on 4/6/2013 Reply  · 

Finally saw this movie, a good movie with a great final battle and some great characters but a bit let down.

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lukiushaufoy on 10/18/2015 Reply  · 

I know right. This film doesn't even feel like 4 hours, it's that good.

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hambone88 on 6/17/2016 Reply  · 

I thought this was a great movie, really long though. I enjoyed all of the samurai characters and thought they were really fleshed out. This should be up there with the godfather and starwars as movies you have to watch.

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PiccoloKing on 8/22/2018 Reply  · 

"The Mighty Warriors Who Became the Seven National Heroes of a Small Town"

How do you become the national hero of a small town?

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ChrisFilm85 on 12/29/2021 Reply  · 

A beast of a film. I'm just starting to watch Forgein films, and this one is going right in my top 10. It's an excellent showcase of visuals, action, acting, story-telling and especially direction, which blew me away the most.

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ChrisFilm85 on 4/30/2022 Reply  · 

Ok I moved it out of my top 10 because the length and slow pacing mean I don't enjoy it quite as much as some other films, and this site is about your personal favourites, not an objective ranking. However it's still a masterpiece and would be in my Top 10 if it was the 'Greatest' films of all time

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Crapbaskets123 on 7/22/2022 Reply  · 

One of the most technically brilliant pieces of cinema ever made. 10/10

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Crapbaskets123 on 9/9/2022 Reply  · 

One of the greatest movies ever made

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K1ik0o4r7ules on 10/5/2022 Reply  · 

This film is nothing short of a masterpiece!

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