The Hunger Games (2012)

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The Hunger Games

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Directed By Gary Ross Gary Ross Starring Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence  •  Josh Hutcherson Josh Hutcherson  •  Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci  •  Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson  •  Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth Banks Genres Action Thriller  •  Action  •  Based-on-21st-Century-Literature  •  Coming-of-Age  •  Dystopian Film  •  Post-Apocalyptic Film  •  Sci-Fi Action  •  Science Fiction  •  Survival Film  •  Teen Movie  •  Thriller Studios &
Lionsgate Entertainment  •  Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film Nominated  •  MTV Movie Award for Best Movie Nominated  •  The Hunger Games
Release Info 2012-03-21T00:00:00Z March 21, 2012
Color  •  142 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Comments (12)


johnmason on 3/29/2012 Reply  · 

The Running Man for the Twilight crowd. But it's better than that makes it sound.

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Showtimebr on 4/30/2012 Reply  · 

I heard a LOT of people comparing it to "Twilight" in the sense that is the kind of movie that attracts the same type of public. But i really don't get it. Despite the fact both flicks has a female on the spotlight, i can't see ANY visible comparison. "Hunger Games" is a way,wayyy darker movie.

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Koroy on 10/19/2015 Reply  · 

Twilight movies sucks.

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JRM on 8/24/2012 Reply  · 

The audience for The Hunger Games is far more broad that that of the silly twilight movies. That said, as a fan of the book/s, the film adaption left me cold.

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Caesar on 4/17/2013 Reply  · 

Surprisingly, it's a really good movie.

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Meleth on 9/21/2013 Reply  · 

Well maybe they are comparing it that females are the main actresses :DD that's about it :DD stupid ppl like to think it has something in common. And of course the book is better but I liked the movie: D

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Ninki on 2/15/2015 Reply  · 


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Ninki on 2/15/2015 Reply  · 


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Ninki on 2/15/2015 Reply  ·

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Danny237 on 4/20/2015 Reply  · 

A piece of shit. One of worst films i've seen.

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Koroy on 10/19/2015 Reply  · 

Not that bad actually

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Eagleskywalker87 on 5/8/2017 Reply  · 

I really don't like this movie. Then again, I don't like dystopian, political correctness, clichéd themes and plot points and terrible romances. I also don't have any tolerance for bad acting or terrible filmmaking. And don't give me that "YOU DIDN'T GET IT BECAUSE IT WAS MADE FOR FANS OF THE BOOK" rubbish because films used to stand on their own.

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