Target (1985)

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Nothing exciting ever happened in Chris' family. But within 48 hours, his mother will be kidnapped, His father will be forced to reveal a secret past and he will find himself at the center of an adventure he never dreamed could happen to him. [US Theatrical]

Directed By Arthur Penn Arthur Penn Starring Matt Dillon Matt Dillon  •  Gayle Hunnicutt Gayle Hunnicutt  •  Guy Boyd Guy Boyd  •  Ilona Grubel Ilona Grubel  •  Richard Münch Richard Münch  •  Ray Fry Ray Fry  •  Charlotte Bailey Charlotte Bailey  •  Robert Ground Robert Ground  •  Veronique Guillaud Veronique Guillaud  •  Ullrich Haupt, Jr. Ullrich Haupt, Jr. Genres Spy Film  •  Action Thriller  •  Unglamorized Spy Film Release Info 1985-11-08T00:00:00Z November 8, 1985
Color  •  117 minutes R Rated R
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