Iron Man 2 (2010)

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Iron Man 2

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Directed By Jon Favreau Jon Favreau Starring Mickey Rourke Mickey Rourke  •  Sam Rockwell Sam Rockwell  •  Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow  •  Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson  •  Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. Genres Action  •  Adventure  •  Based-on-Comics  •  Cyborg / Android / Robot  •  Sci-Fi Action  •  Science Fiction  •  Superhero Film Studios &
Marvel Comics  •  Academy Award Nominated  •  Iron Man  •  Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film Nominated  •  Wizard World Louisville 2014  •  Marvel Cinematic Universe  •  Complex's 100 Best Movies Of The Complex Decade
Release Info 2010-04-28T00:00:00Z April 28, 2010
Color  •  124 minutes PG13 Rated PG13
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Captain America: The First Avenger vs. Iron Man 2

Captain America: The First Avenger Iron Man 2 VS.

noobpb17 said on Sunday

"might be an unpopular opinion but i think TFA is overrated, i don/t get how people could think..." more ►

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Comments (13)


Avenger7 on 1/16/2011 Reply  · 

It fulfilled all of my expectations. The only thing I worry about is that they may be setting expectations for the Avengers movie too high. How can it possibly live up to the standard these movies are setting and setting up??? Iron Man 2 is EVERYTHING you would want in a movie and much more! It is a special treat when a sequel reaches up and delivers an excellent film that you enjoy as much as a beloved first installment. It truly feels like they just paused and kept telling the same story but with more of an edge.

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MrKlan on 5/13/2011 Reply  · 

I, for one, enjoyed Iron Man 2, but I'm not fussy about all the setup for The Avengers. The fact that Iron Man is much more of a standalone movie helps it succeed more in my eyes. And, indeed, that's part of why I like The Dark Knight better; it is a sequel, it opens up the world, but it can exist as its own story, too.

Iron Man 2 was enjoyable, but it was surprisingly light on action for an "action" movie, and it couldn't match the original. It did have a better villain, I'll give it that.

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MrKlan on 5/13/2011 Reply  · 

And, indeed, it is definitely a good comic book movie. In a genre that is very uneven at times, it did succeed on that front.

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SquareMaster316 on 7/14/2011 Reply  · 

A bland, dumb-as-bricks film from start to finish. Uninteresting, cliche villains, shoehorned attempts at sentimentality and one of the dumbest plot twists in the history of cinema (element in the diorama) make this a failed attempt by marvel to get me invested in any follow up films.

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smatticus on 4/27/2013 Reply  · 

Agreed, complete sell-out. The "it's a set-up for the Avengers, not a stand-alone" argument doesn't cut it here; if it did, then how come Iron Man and Captain America never jumped the shark?!

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CaptMarvelous on 3/19/2012 Reply  · 

To this movie’s credit, they never assumed that the advertising or hype or even the look alone was good enough to take shortcuts. Without question, the makers of this movie went all the way in making it a satisfying experience for not just the fans but for the uninitiated as well. It’s an intelligent movie that actually works way above the level set up by other previous comic adaptations.

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Boonmee on 11/24/2012 Reply  · 

Crap. Not even on the same planet of quality that the first one was on.

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yoyoccy on 2/21/2013 Reply  · 


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Caesar on 4/17/2013 Reply  · 

Yes, this movie was a big disappointment, but it's not like it was disastrously bad or anything. That said, I do hope Iron Man 3 puts this franchise back on the right track.

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SquareMaster316 on 10/29/2013 Reply  · 

"It is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and Nick fury, Signifying nothing."

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PiccoloKing on 9/24/2018 Reply  · 

My man loves Shakespeare.

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SquareMaster316 on 11/26/2014 Reply  · 

Leave your brain at the door for this one.

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MysticSpoon on 2/11/2015 Reply  · 

So either you don't know what you're saying, or are you saying you liked it?

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