The Graduate (1967)

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The Graduate

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The Movie That Became A Legend

Directed By Mike Nichols Mike Nichols Starring Dustin Hoffman Dustin Hoffman  •  Anne Bancroft Anne Bancroft  •  Katharine Ross Katharine Ross  •  William Daniels William Daniels  •  Murray Hamilton Murray Hamilton Genres Comedy Drama  •  Comedy of Manners  •  Coming-of-Age  •  New Hollywood  •  Sex Comedy Studios &
Academy Award Nominated  •  The Criterion Collection  •  Embassy Pictures  •  National Film Registry  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Passions  •  StudioCanal  •  Academy Award Best Picture Nominated  •  They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?  •  1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die  •  Arthaus  •  AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies 10th Anniversary Edition  •  Quentin Tarantino's Cinematic Influences  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Winning  •  BAFTA Award for Best Film Nominated  •  Academy Award Best Cinematography Nominated  •  Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Winning  •  Time Out: London's 100 Best Romantic Movies  •  BBC's 100 Greatest American Films  •  Writers Guild of America's 101 Funniest Screenplays  •  Writers Guild of America's 101 Greatest Screenplays  •  The Cinemaholic's 100 Best Movies of All Time
Release Info 1967-12-22T00:00:00Z December 22, 1967
Color  •  105 minutes PG Rated PG
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The Graduate vs. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Graduate Monty Python and the Holy Grail VS.

Leostales said on 9/22/2022

"Both overrated, but Monty Python has some real gems despite its roughs" more ►

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Comments (6)


jedi8246 on 6/20/2014 Reply  · 

Well I ended up watching The Graduate. While the plot was merely deliverable to me and the editing was very loose, the shot selections were really interesting and the acting was very well done. I cared about Dustin Hoffman and whoever getting together, even if the second half of the film revolves around literally nothing else.

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JC13 on 4/16/2015 Reply  · 

I liked it. Not as much as most people seem to, but it was good. Dustin Hoffman was terrific.

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JC13 on 5/10/2016 Reply  · 

Gets better every time. Just saw it for the third time and it's now in my top 100.

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kwlo7 on 12/30/2016 Reply  · 

While overall I think it's a good film, I feel it has some obvious flaws. One particularly that comes to mind is characters and their motivations. The graduate himself, while anyone who's questioned their life and what to do with it can easily find him relatable, he does come off as a bit arrogant and a down right jerk. They way he treats Mrs Robinson, and just assumes after 1 forced date with the daughter she wants to marry him. I don't get enough from the movie that the two are convincingly in love.
Eliane is the most unbelievable of the characters... Why does one kiss make a horrible first date okay? Why is being stalked by a guy you believed to have raped your own mother suddenly okay? They barely even talked about it and she's practically fine when him having had an affair with her own mother, not just fine but actually considering the possibility of marrying him. Maybe if the film actually conveyed that the two were in love, and it was the mother just trying to drive them apart, and he managed to convince her that what he and her mother had meant nothing... Jeez what is wrong with this gal, the guy starts off by making her cry, then she finds out he was banging her own mom, then proceeds to stalk her, and not to mention he has no life ambitions no job no car and homeless... Wow but that glint in his eye ... Lol
Mrs Robinson, poor Mrs Robinson. Her only mistake really was telling him not to take her daughter out... Which is a fair request to ask the guy your sleeping with I'd say... Because he is a kid and telling a kid not to do something, well they're probably going to do it. Some may think she is the villian in this film, but I say she's the victim. Trapped in a loveless marriage, seeks comfort in a young man only for him to toss her the second her own daughter comes into the picture after breaking a promise mind you, and then gets it all rubbed in her face at her daughter's wedding. Okay so she isn't a saint, but I can't help feel bad for her.
I'm not sure why this is considered so much as a comedy, there were a few moments that ticked me, but the film had more of a dramatic and serious tone to it than anything. And I get the "what have we done" realization at the end, but I don't believe it... It would not come that quickly. They just fought through so much to run off together, especially Ben, so they would still be excited and happy, at least holding hands and looking at each other... A wtf moment would come later
Anyway, I just finished rewatching it on Netflix for sh&gigs and felt I needed to Re-rank it

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hambone88 on 7/9/2018 Reply  · 

I absolutely hated the simon and Garfunkel soundtrack. Other than that, I freaking loved it. Such a fantastic movie.

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aSfSteve on 3/16/2022 Reply  · 

Good movie, the actors were great. I just don't understand why Elaine would be into Ben at all, there is no reason why she should like him, let alone be in love with him.

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