My Dinner with Andre (1981)

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My Dinner with Andre

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Directed By Louis Malle Louis Malle Starring Wallace Shawn Wallace Shawn  •  Andre Gregory Andre Gregory  •  Roy Butler Roy Butler  •  Jean Lenauer Jean Lenauer Genres Buddy Film  •  Comedy Drama  •  Drama Studios &
The Criterion Collection  •  Roger Ebert's Great Movies
Release Info 1981-10-11T00:00:00Z October 11, 1981
Color  •  110 minutes NR Rated NR
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kanelockwood73 said on 12/22/2015

"I'm more intrigued than anything by My Dinner with Andre. I'm not sure anyone else could have..." more ►

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OneFuckTooMany said on 10/11/2012

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Comments (2)


topichtennis on 9/20/2011 Reply  · 

Sometimes it's really strange what cinema can do. It can transport us to another place and time, give us adventures beyond our comprehension, or it can make us voyeurs into the everyday life of average people. And that is exactly what My Dinner With Andre does. It sits us down at a table with two men at very different stages in their lives. We spend an hour and a half with them eating dinner, catching up. There is no grand external plot or action to the film, only internal and emotional character development. The film is mesmerizing in it's dialogue and the actors use great subtleties to reveal a second layer of context. It's strange how minimal a movie can be and at the same time leave you with a great fulfillment.

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9spaceking on 3/25/2014 Reply  · 

Worst. Movie. Ever. Basically a really really REALLY bad version of Godfather.

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