Duel (1971)

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Directed By Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg Starring Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver  •  Eddie Firestone Eddie Firestone  •  Gene Dynarski Gene Dynarski  •  Tim Herbert Tim Herbert  •  Charles Seel Charles Seel Genres Action Thriller  •  Action  •  Based-on-20th-Century-Literature  •  Carsploitation  •  Chase Movie  •  Made-for-Television  •  New Hollywood  •  Road Movie  •  Thriller Studios &
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Release Info 1971-11-10T00:00:00Z November 10, 1971
Color  •  74 minutes PG Rated PG
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Duel vs. The Duellists

Duel The Duellists VS.

eaglesflyhigh said on 1/14/2021

"The battle of directorial debuts! Duel is a fun movie, but I just feel like there’s more to The..." more ►

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Comments (2)


JC13 on 2/5/2015 Reply  · 

Solid debut from Spielberg. Far from his best, but I liked it quite a bit. The camerawork was fantastic.

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Paul_Kowal13 on 4/29/2020 Reply  · 

The first film of Steven Spielberg, he was 21 years old when he shot this film in only 16 days. This is my favourite film of all time! The 40 Tonnes truck itself is the masterpiece of the film and one of the best thing about the menacing Peterbilt tanker truck is that Spielberg managed to both transform the truck in a killing machine and to humanise it just a tiny bit (when you see the trucker's left hand waving to David Mann to overtake him in a left curve). This makes the story more credible as the truck is not just a possessed killing machine. For those who wonder how the truck was able to keep up with the David Mann's Plymouth Valiant, the truck used in the film was a 1955 Peterbilt 281 with a 13-speed transmission and actually had a modified twin turbocharged 300 horsepower Cat-1674 engine, allowing the truck to speed up to 90 mph ( even faster in the film 93 mph in a slope due to its very heavy weight). I was sad at the end because I wanted the truck to win because I love it so much (I think David Mann was to be killed by ramming by the truck when he crashed his car at the very end of the film).

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