My Science Project (1985)

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My Science Project

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The funniest sci-fi movie of the summer.

Directed By Jonathan R. Betuel Jonathan R. Betuel Starring John Stockwell John Stockwell  •  Danielle von Zerneck Danielle von Zerneck  •  Fisher Stevens Fisher Stevens  •  Raphael Sbarge Raphael Sbarge  •  Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper Genres Comedy  •  Sci-Fi Comedy  •  Science Fiction  •  Teen Movie  •  Time Travel Film Studios &
Touchstone Pictures
Release Info 1985-08-09T00:00:00Z August 9, 1985
Color  •  94 minutes PG Rated PG
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Comments (1)


Orlok on 6/12/2019 Reply  · 

One of my favourite movies growing up. Great concept, fantastic characters, very good plot. The special effects were slightly weak for 1985 and thus are very dated by today's standards. If redone properly today this could be a blockbuster. I still think they missed the boat by not doing a Dennis Hopper 60's time surfing sequel.

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