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Donnie Darko Memento

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Donnie Darko vs. Memento

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on 6/18/2012 had this to say:

"While Memento kept me interested throughout the movie, when it was over I felt that none of it really mattered. I made no real connection with the near emotionless protagonist and though I pitied him that is as far as my emotional connection went. There is no real character development and he makes no character altering choices throughout his investigation. Memento is a pretty good movie with no characters to feel good about in the end. Donnie Darko on the other hand is not only mind bending but also has several memorable characters who I identified with and who learn and grow from the experiences they have. Donnie Darko proves that you can have a film with great characters that can also leave you trying to figure things out long after the credits roll."