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Pavokiller8 on 7/18/2014 Reply  · 

Whoa, dude! You really went to town on these movie rankings! I need to catch up. You have an awesome to ten list. Also, you should see Goodfellas, its a neat little film.

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ToryK on 10/15/2014 Reply  · 

Thanks man, so do you. I like a little bit of everything and I love seeing other guys and gals here who are into "different". Yeah, Gilliam, Cronenberg, Landis, and Kim Jee-woon...you've got damn good taste too.

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ToryK on 10/20/2014 Reply  · 

"Normal" and "safe" tend to bore me almost to the point of tears. "Normal" is for housewives, I always say... Okay, not really, I just made that up, but it's true!

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