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PiccoloKing on 8/18/2018 Reply  · 

Hello, it's me. Nice list friend. Could it be that your avatar comes from The Wind Rises?

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domesticsymphony on 8/19/2018 Reply  · 

Yep, a beautiful film with such a strong and harrowing warning against war and destruction. I think it's Miyazaki's most grounded film (except for all the planes, heh) which may explain why I find it to be his most impactful. While I typically love his fantastical elements, the true core of each of his films is the warmth and humanity of its characters like Jiro and Naoko.

It's a film I should really rewatch. What have you been watching lately?

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PiccoloKing on 8/24/2018 Reply  · 

Haven't watched anything lately, but Miyazaki just might change that!

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