Scream vs. Halloween



Damnit i know what i should pick but im going with scream

These two defined the slasher genre at very different points in it's history. Got to go with Halloween.

Scream all the way

Two of my favorite horror films, but Scream is in my top 10 favorite films ever made, so Scream wins.


Halloween wins for me, but Scream is cool too

Have to go with Halloween. It's one of my favorite horror films and one I make a point of watching every Halloween. Scream is good but it's not a film I re-watch a whole lot.

Halloween was great, but Scream kind of blew me away.

Scream was a lot of fun

Scream is the reason I love the genre. It was the first horror movie I saw when I was 11 and I didn't sleep much after. I Know What You Did Last Summer was watched the following year! (Although not as good as either Scream or Halloween it was still a favorite growing up) Love Halloween but Scream is in my top 5.

Lol, no contest. I loved Scream, no doubt, it's the Craven best movie. But, Halloween is something special. One masterpiece of one hack. Scream is Wes Craven only masterpiece, but it ain't got nothing on The Thing, Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China, In the Mouth of Madness...

This is not typically the case, but in this instance, the protege > the predecessor.


Scream beats Halloween for me. I love them both, but Scream has always been one of my all-time favorite horror movies. I'd put Scream in my top 3 favorite horror movies.

Halloween 1978 is a much better film than Scream. Plus, Halloween 1978 is rated much higher on both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Halloween 1978 > Scream..easily.

Plus, I think Michael Myers is much cooler and much better than all of the Ghostface killers from the four Scream movies.

And Halloween is also a much much MUCH better film than I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer.

Scream redefined the slasher genre just when it was dying out. I like Halloween but Scream is just a fun horror movie to watch over and over again.

Halloween > Scream..Scream redefined slasher films but Halloween is what sent the slasher genre into about 15 year craze. Enough said. Halloween ftw !

Plus, Halloween is still huge even 41 years later and still has sequels being made. The Scream is done for now. Again, Halloween ftw.

Halloween (1978)


Halloween with scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis.

Scream is a much better and rewatchable film. While Halloween was good and had solid pacing/story, the acting and effects on Scream are much superior. Halloween (1978) feels outdated a bit but it's still an overall classic and a good Horror movie. I'd give a 7/7.5 to Halloween and a solid 8/10 to Scream.

Scream. Hands down. Don't get me wrong, Halloween is an amazing movie and really got slasher flix going, but scream saved slashes for sure. The sequels are just ok, but the original was something truly special. The use of the movies and rules, killing the biggest star in one of the best openings in movie history (imo). The use of the voice changer, and two killer twist, just WOW. I think we forget just how disturbing a lot of the movie was and how good it really is. Theres only 2 movies on my top list that i like more and its a close list. Those are Jurassic park and jaws. But scream is my favorite slasher, my favorite horror, and one of my 3 overall favorites. But a ton of respect to Halloween as well.

Halloween all the way. Scream was a fairly refreshing shot in the arm for the slasher genre but Halloween is still the best.

I prefer Halloween. It was more influential and made the slasher genre popular. Scream is good too, you can argue it's better. Personally, the story in scream is better. I like how the killers call their victims. But Michael Myers is more iconic. They're good slasher movies, but I wouldn't describe them as masterpieces. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is what I would call a masterpiece.

Scream all the way. Halloween is great and love the theme but honestly, since we know Ghostface can die, I think that just matches up for human better, making Scream more realistic, which is what I think a film needs to be to be scary. And I'm just gonna come and say it, Sidney Prescott is WAY better than Laurie Strode and shows she can fight for herself (and also way more attractive, my personal celebrity crush.) Anyways, yes Scream does take up after Halloween, but Scream has better characters, better scares, and best final girl in my opinion. Scream for the win.

This is as close as it gets, but Halloween for the tiebreaker

Halloween is that good for sure