Scream vs. Saw



Honestly, two of my favourite ever horrors that each gave rise to dosens of crappy copies

Saw was incredibly diabolical--brilliant, in its sick way--but I have no desire to ever watch it again. Scream, on the other hand, I wish I owned a copy of; I haven't seen it it years, but I'd love to.

The deciding factor for me was Drew Barrymore... is ALWAYS Drew Barrymore.

Scream is many great aspects.

First Saw was ok with the element of surprise and of course Benajmin Linus, err Michael Emerson. Scream is not on my watch-again list.

two of my favorite horror movies, they actually have a plot. I love saw because of the twist, but scream stood out from all horror movies ... scream wins!

I wanna play a game.

Two of the best no doubt. I'll go with Saw....

the first saw was good, then it went downhill...just like the scream series.

Two films that sparked off strong series (except Scream 3 which was awful). I think however I have to pick Scream.

Scream any day

Well here are two movies that didn't need any sequels.

Scream wins by far saw isn't even n my top 1,000 scream is my number 2!

Scream wins. Scream is my favorite horror film. Saw is just garbage.

Classic case of two really good movies that initiated sequels that progressively got worse. Both of these two are fantastic though. I remember seeing each of them for the first time. Both are great the first time with average re-watchability. For what it's worth, these two are about as good as it gets with popcorn horror. Pretty even matchup. I'll give Scream the edge.

Scream has my vote, i felt that saw was to boring and a bit unoriginal.

Scream Wins.

Saw is not even close to Scream

Ahhhhh.... Saw loses badly, Scream for the win

Love them both. The opening scene in Scream vs the Last Scene in Saw? Scream wins for being the movie that made me love horror movies.

"All these MC's start re-a-li-zing, that Ghost got that shit that'll keep you vi-bing"

Jigsaw would kill Ghost Face.

Scream all the way. Saw just makes me nauseated.