Scream vs. Scream 2



I like both of these movies but the first one is better than the second one. it's usually that with sequels. Except maybe for Godfather 2

Oh, there are plenty of sequels that are better than the original, actually. (Well, "plenty" is an exaggeration, but they exist.) The Dark Knight, Toy Story 2, The Empire Strikes Back. But Scream is not one of them. I'm not big on slasher films in general, but I enjoyed the way the Scream trilogy poked fun at the genre. And, of course, the first was best. I will say, though, that while both sequels were unnecessary, at least they weren't total crap.

I actually prefer Scream 2 to Scream. It was funnier, and had a better supporting cast (Sarah Michelle Geller, Timothy Olyphant, etc..). Sorry, Rose McGowan.

Like they say in the movie, the original is always the better one.

The original broke new ground for horror. The sequel was out of my mind an hour after I saw it....

I enjoyed Scream 2 a lot but Scream is still superior.

Gotta go with Scream 2.

The Scream franchise rules. But none of the sequels can beat the first. And Toy Story 2 is not better than the first. it's one of the worst Pixar flicks. But anywho... Scream>Scream4> Scream2> Scream 3

Both movies were very excellent. Scream brought back horror in 1996. During that time horror was DEAD. Scream 2 was also good as Scream. I really liked how in Scream 2 the characters had their reunion in the beginning of the film.

Scream redefined the horror genre and put its own little spin on the typical slasher film. Scream 2 is a fantastic sequel but it loses against its predecessor.

I highly enjoyed both movies, but Scream is the best. The chilling opening scene with Drew Barrymore is one of the most unexpected moments in the entire horror genre and the rest of the movie keeps up with the pace by giving the story a wicked mix of self-referential wit and genuine terror. Scream 2 is a more than worthy sequel that gives the original a true run for its money.

Self-awareness is an interesting thing. You'd think it'd be used more often in satire, actually. Craven's use of it isn't exactly subtle, but there's nothing to say that glancing blows and fleeting nods are any more *artistically* meritorious than Scream's pile-driving approach. Speaking of subtlety, sometimes I catch Craven doing something that says "My audience is filled with retards and I need to spell things out." The movie analysis scenes in Scream 2, for instance, has the characters reference some hugely well-known movies. Was Craven using them as a mouthpiece to get his analysis of the genre across? Like in the obligatory film evaluation scene in Scream 2... Was he referencing mega famous films like The Godfather II, Aliens and Judgement day because he was worried that the idiots in the audience weren't au fait enough to catch references to more obscure fair? (Note that there isn't an intended causality in my last sentence; catching references to obscure movies certainly does not preclude one from lifelong idiocy.) Was his analysis also so glib because of this worry? Or was he trying to be realistic? Slamming the viewer by saying "Even these film theorists are simple-minded fucking idiots", or something? That would actually be pretty brilliant, especially when you consider that most people ARE fucking retarded (as evinced by some of the dense comments you can read on this site). Somehow I doubt that Craven was being so cynical. Also, like Craven siad in the Empire byline, Star Wars V doesn't count as a "sequel" in this context because it's part of a trilogy and therefore pre-planned. That line is actually further evidence that Craven was using his character as a mouthpiece so he can have his little bit about what does and does not constitute a sequel. Pfft, like a film student would have to think to for half a day to come up with Empire.

I love both, but Scream 2 killed off the character I was most attached to.

I like the first one the best. It beats Scream 2, hands down. However, Scream 2 is still very good also.

The first Scream...the second one is one of the best sequels ever made, but the first one is one of the best movies ever made!

Sequels, Toy Story 2 and Godfather 2, i think Scream 2 is one of the sequels better than the original (IMO 5% of the sequels is superior), Scream 2 is funny and entertaining (Empire Strikes Back's failure) The first Scream is good, but Scream 2 is really better

I love both of these movies. They are both in my top 100. Scream is number 7 though so it wins. Scream 2 is pretty underrated in my opinion.

"It's happening again, right?" It's the ruins of the movies.

First remains the best of the franchise but Scream 2 is one of the rare sequels that's actually a worthy follow-up to it's predecessor.

Sequels, Toy Story 2 and Godfather 2 i think Scream 2 is one of the sequels better than the original (IMO 5% of the sequels is superior), Scream 2 is funny an entertaining (Empire Strikes Back's failure) The first Screm is good, but Scream 2 is really better. both spooky tho...

The first one was the best, the rest sucked.

Scream is a far better movie by a wide margin. It has a better story, villain, pacing and unique tone. It's kinda funny and gritty at the same time. Honestly, i'd give a 6/10 to Scream II at best. It's a very slow paced movie, with some unnecessary scene and characters and the plot twist is meh. Just by watching them, you can see that the first is much better overall it's a solid 8/10.

Can't go wrong with either one. Given how horror movie sequels tend to be utter garbage, Scream 2 gets bonus points just for being almost (if not just) as good.

Scream is a masterpiece, Scream 2 just exists really.