Scream vs. Final Destination



I liked Final Destination a lot but I think Scream is the better horror movie overall

Both part of the New Era of Horror but scream is better,but Final D was more original and was an indy movie with more gruesome deaths but lacked the classic Clive style the Scream had.

Scream is way better! Destination sucks.


Scream, and it's not close.

I really enjoy Final Destination a lot but I've got to go with Scream

Are you joking, MasterofMovies? Scream is the best movie of all, but for Final Destination was the good movie about death and slayers

Final Destination was really really good, I enjoyed it way more then I thought, but, Scream is an obvious winner. Able to perfectly mix Comedy and horror, satire and tension.

both pretty similar movies, tons of people die. scream for sure, though.