Braveheart vs. Spider-Man



Most people may say that this pairing is an obvious decision, but I actually enjoy each movie greatly. Although Spiderman is a great superhero movie it doesn't compare to the sequel (featuring the villain Doctor Octopus), and Braveheart has much more memorable characters. Braveheart is possibly in my top five favorite war movies of all time. Even though Mel Gibson is an anti-semetic douchebag, I really must say he does an incredible job as William Wallace. Braveheart takes the gold medal.

Spider-Man. It ain't much, but Braveheart? No. Just, no.

Braveheart guts Spider-Man...

I actually happen to love the original Spider-Man, but Braveheart gets the win here.

Really like both. Tough call but Braveheart it is.