Braveheart vs. Saving Private Ryan



Does it get much tougher than this??

Tough, tough call. Ryan has better battle scenes, Braveheart has better music and overall story.

i still hate Mel Gibson for wasting my time with Braveheart

this is my two fav movies. very hard

I'll go with Braveheart this was a tough one

While I think they're both decent movies, what Spielberg is doing with the Normandy scene of SPR trumps everything in Braveheart. A virtually unparalleled technical achievement.

Yes, Saving Private Ryan has the superior battle scenes, but Braveheart is better in nearly every other regard.

I'll go for Braveheart also.

Easy Braveheart

To pick against Private has to be something pretty damn special. Braveheart is just that....

Wow... two of the most graphic movies of all time. Extremely intense battle scenes in both. Both have very good scripts, plots, and character development. Two very elaborate films. I must say though, that Braveheart does drag more in spots than Saving Private Ryan. Thus, I'm going with SPR. Man, that was tough.

Braveheart doesn't have 20 pointless minutes of action at the start. Not saying Ryan sucks, its great but the 1st 20 minutes goes on and on...

Incredibly close! Too very powerful films. I'll take Braveheart.

Both are in my Top 20. One is in my Top 10. Saving Private Ryan wins.

Saving Private Ryan although they are literally separated by 3 movies.

Saving Private Ryan. Both changed my life.

Saving Private Ryan has better battle sequences, better acting, a more interesting and involving story, and is the more emotional ride. It may sound like I'm trashing Braveheart. I'm not, it's somewhere in my Top 100. It's just that no movie has effected me like SPR has.

Braveheart by a sliver of a margin. both are two of my fav battle/war films.

Two great epic films I will go with Saving Mr Ryan

private ryan

Braveheart is one of my top 15 favorite movie of all time, saving private Ryan in one of my top 5 favorite movie of all time

Both great. Happy with either one winning this.