The Departed vs. Inglourious Basterds



The match-up I've been waiting for. Tarantino produced the stunning IB after the disappointment of Death Proof. While most of the performances were either bad or okay, Christoph's mesmerizing portrayal of the shrewd Hans Landa really made the film, at least for me. IB's third act was very memorable, as was the dialogue. I rank The Departed among Marty's all-time greatest works. Such a talented cast had been assembled for this film and literally everyone delivered. The ending was a little abrupt and seemed out of place, but the overall experience of the film was fabulous. One of DiCaprio's most convincing performances. The Departed, although a remake, still has that Scorsese touch to it. It wins this contest.

Um, can I call it a tie? Damn.

Oh boy... Oh boy!... Oh boy!!! Fuck!! Inglorious basterds but i might regret it!

Marty over QT. Bottom line....

The Basterds win a close one.

Inglourious Basterds

The Departed

The departed wins this match up.Though taking nothing away from Basterds.Chris Waltz gives an epic performance as Hans Landa