The Departed vs. Toy Story



I love both of these movies but I have to go with The Departed.

It would be a tougher decision for me if it was toy story 2

This is easy. The Departed is overrated and Toy Story isn't.

Departed isn't the slightest bit overrated. While I haven't seen the Queen or Letters from Iwo Jima, it had superior screenplay and direction compared to Little Miss Sunshine and Babel. Both of which are great movies, and I would consider the acting in both superior to The Departed. On the other hand, not picking Toy Story would be a low blow to my childhood, but The Departed was one of the first graphic movies I ever saw. (I am 15). Everyone has to grow up sometime. The Depaaated it is.

I'm sorry Departed, but I have to do it......Toy Story.

That is tough !!. Departed is the better movie, so it wins.

Hmm hard to say which I like more I love both Scorsese and Pixar hmm ya I'm pretty sure my answer is Pixar

While I've seen Toy Story more, The Departed is the better film so it gets my vote.