The Departed vs. The Untouchables



Two of my favorite crime movies ever made here. Great performances in both. Going with "The Untouchables" because it's held up very strongly after several viewings over the years.

The war on crime sure makes for entertaining movie material, doesn't it? The Untouchables is definitely enjoyable stuff, but I gotta go with Marty on this one. "What is it, your period?"

really close.............the departed this time. ask me again and I'll give you a different answer

Is your wife a money grubbing whore?

Untouchables is better entertainment. We lost key charcters in both films but The Departed depressed me for some reason.

as much as I love the departed. the untouchables win as it was more orignal

Two crime films absolutely loaded with amazing stars!!! Need to go back and rewatch Untouchables as it's been over a decade since I've seen it last. For now, I'm giving it two Departed. Great confrontation though!

The Departed is very good and more epic than The Untouchables


The Departed by a long shot.

Freakin' love both....coin flip...

I'm more of an Untouchables person

Untouchables is the cheesiest shit I've ever seen.