The Departed vs. V for Vendetta



Oh my God, I can't do this.

I'll go with Scorsese here.

Surely there's no competition?


Scorsese makes the difference again.

This is one of the toughest matchups I've ever come across. I think I'm gonna go with V.

I have switched over to The Departed.

Found V for Vendetta deeply affecting. When the guns started blazing at the end of The Departed, I realized i didn't care about the fate of the characters. And Di Caprio playing a hard man is such poor casting. His voice is so weak and unintimidating. Ridiculous that Nicholson's character was fooled by and impressed with Di Caprio's character's gangster potential.

V for Vendetta is good but simply no match for Departed.

The Departed by literal miles