Spider-Man 2 vs. The Avengers



The TRUE battele for the best comic adaptation of all-time. Sorry, Web-Head but Avengers is the new king of the genre. Long live the king.

Spidey 2 was awesome.

SM2 is still indeed awesome but Avengers actually hits above awesome. You can rest assured that Avengers is an absolutely amazing movie and it really takes the comic book genre to the highest level. SM2 established that level IMO and now Avengers raises the bar.

It's true, this is the true contest for the best the genre has delivered to this point. Spider-Man has the emotion and the heart but Avengers has everything else in excess. Avengers wins.

Spider-Man 2 hands down. I'll take emotion and heart over excess any day. The Avengers is a breathless burst of energy that does not disappoint, but Spider-Man 2 dives into much deeper and ultimately more rewarding territory.

Spider-Man 2 may win on an emotional and deeper level, but The Avengers wasn't trying to be that kind of movie so I wouldn't count that as a detriment. What wins it between these two for me is the fact that The Avengers has the craft. It's well-written, brilliantly paced, and has solid acting in all roles. SM2 suffers in the acting department big time - Dunst, Franco, Maguire, and anyone not Alfred Molina.

Avengers is more accessible, and ultimately more inspiring. This movie has the ability to entertain a global audience of all ages and backgrounds. Hopefully Avengers sends a message to Hollywood that people are tired of dark complicated antiheroes and just want simple good vs. evil with great characters they can look up to.

@Movieguyjon, I agree that The Avengers should not be faulted for not trying to be Spider-Man 2, but I think that Spider-Man 2 should get extra credit for going there. The Avengers succeeds because Joss Whedon was able to juggle so many characters without sacrificing the pace or focus of the story. Ultimately, they're both two completely different movies even though they come from the same genre. @uprightcitizen1, Hollywood has always made room for traditional heroes and their darker counterparts. Summer 2012 is bringing us The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers, plus others outside the superhero movie genre. We have a lot to choose from.

There's nothing excessive about Avengers. They play it all just right and deliver satisfaction like I've never seen before. Spider-Man 2 is already a classic but Avengers is an instant classic that everyone is raving about for a reason.

Im feeling Avengers at the moment as the ultimate Marvel.

Two of the greats to be sure. Love them both but Avengers just offers more thrills pure and simple.

The Avengers did better what Spider-Man had already done: Show us that Superhero films can be great!

The Avengers was poorly made with little to boast beyond eye candy. Special effects doesn't compensate for things like, I don't know; plot, depth, ENTERTAINMENT? Spider-Man 2 kicks superhero butt.

Avengers owns...

Avengers is the greatest Marvel film, but SM2 is a shade close.

Ain't nobody tired of "dark, complicated antiheroes." Spidey 1, 2 and Amazing are all high enough on my chart (like old home-boys), but all your sap can eat a dick. Outside of ScarJo's lameness, AA pretty much washes away the sap with a bottle full of flow, tongue-swag and charisma. Heart they say? It's alright; I have a penis.

The Avengers is the best Marvel film.

Avengers was awful. No plot line whatsoever. Spiderman 2 took things to a whole new level. Spiderman 2 was the first movie of its kind to show that superhero movies needn't dumb the audience down. It remains Marvel's finest. Avengers doesn't even crack the top 10.

Spidey 2 is still among the best of the genre. The Avengers is only one of the best while I watch it, but once I stop to think about it a week later, I realize that it isn't all that.

Three years later and these are still two of the top five ever. I think it's safe to classify them both as classics now.

I'll take the movie that adults can actually enjoy.

It's going to be so cool to see Spider-Man actually join this Avengers Universe. Tony Stark mentoring Peter Parker is a geek's dream.

Spider-Man 2 > The Avengers


Spider-Man 2 in a close call.

Avengers and other marvel movies of 2010s is the best action flim in the world because it has the fuckin' graphics that's all. I didn't even watch the full avengers movie, I watched it for 1 hour after it's boring, but I watched all the fight scenes of all 2010s marvel flims because marvel nowadays has first class graphics. Captain America civil war, black panther, captain marvel, avengers, iron man, guardians of the Galaxy are all same shit, only has best action scenes but not has psychological scenes which makes our heart sad and emotional or some fuckin' romance. But Spiderman 2, 3, Deadpool, suicide squad has psychological scenes which makes our heart sad and emotional and has romance. So it's like watchin' a movie like finding Nemo. The truth is even x men first class and apocalypse is better than today's marvel shit. TOBEY FOREVER

Going with Avengers.

kinda close, but ill give it to spiderman 2