Spider-Man 2 vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Spidey does it for me this time.

TDKR is much better.

Incoming in 3, 2, 1...

BLASTOFF!!! Seriously, this isn't even a debate to take note. It's like a child throwing a tantrum. Best to just ignore this one and pick your pages as where to discipline. Children need to be spanked once in a while but do it all the time and it becomes abuse. Nolanites are figuratively and often literally children. A thorough spanking is good for them in the long run.

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This is what I have to say to this ignorant debate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq_2GOoFaXE

SP2 may be Marvel's second best sequel (after X2), but Rises had the better female supporting character and villain. also, Bruce's journey throughout this film is more gripping to me than Peter's.

Spidey 2 often feels like a repetition of the 1st film. Same kind of villain, same climax, a rescue-scene in a fiery building, MJ and Peter talking at the backyard, etc.etc. Still an awesome movie, though. TDKR wins for having more emotional power with its main character, a more spectacular final battle, and better supporting characters.

TDKR although Spidey 2 is fantastic.

Spidey never worked for me. TDKR was good enough for me to win here.....

I'm really starting to think that one of you or maybe both of you are trolls.

^ Nope. Google their names and you will see why. Quite honestly, you'll be disturbed with what you find. At least I was.

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Time to even this out.

Spider-man 2

Both are a couple of my favorite comic book films. Rises edges out in a close matchup.

The...Dark...Knight...Rises.... God, that almost hurt to type!

Both great but Sam Raimi wins here

Tdkr Nolan films are superior to all films by marvel.


Spider- Man 2 surprise win here.

I prefer SM2 over DKR which is the weakest of the Nolan Batman films.

Spider-Man 2 is amazing, TDKR is not.

Spider-Man 2 easily.

Spiderman 2 felt like a real comic book film while DKR felt it was trying to hard to be edgy with a boring villian.

Definitely Spider-Man 2 is easily the greatest of Spider-Man story but beyond TDKR is total the most still the miserable bad third film of the ending of the dark knight trilogy which considered no opponent as great.

Spider-Man remains the greatest among of the franchise, TDKR is mostly beyond disappointing unpleasant of the franchise nearly didn’t been a good among ending.

jesus tdkr and joker gets so much hate here, id pick sm2 tho its extremely close

Spider-Man 2 is still sooooo good. TDKR is soooooo disappointing. Nothing to see or debate here.

TDKR is still soooooo good. SM2 is sooooo garbage. Nothing to see or debate here.

TDKR is still soooooo good. SM2 is sooooo garbage. Nothing to see or debate here.

TDKR is the only one that is pure garbage forgettable bad in every way and who even wants to be caring about it.

TDKR is the only one that is pure garbage forgettable bad in every way and who even wants to be caring about it.

switching to rises but spiderman 2 is still my fav spiderman movie and rises is getting lots and more love nowaday since it aged well and the thing that's pure garbage forgettable is probably your entire life

@noobpb17 needs to stop getting on TDKR on this set.

@cxfatesniper8ck gotta stop using 20 different alts to make rises look bad and repeat the same sentence in every rises thread "this movie big big good (proceeds to trash on that movie in another thread due to liking the other movie more, ETC: Iron Man vs Avengers: Infinity War) and rises big bad bad!"

Spider-Man 2 is still the best comic book movie of all time!

@noobpb17 is a dumb jerk that he needs to stop going commenting TDKR over and over and repeat that rises is far better anything that is more valued of one of those that those franchises that are complete masterful collection.

lol i didn't say it was FAR FAR better you're exagerrated i even said spiderman 2 is my fav sm film and stuff tf you mean lol you're the one who thinks rises is far far worse than anything else + you think thor 2 > tdkr so yeah

Both are classics of superhero films and no mcu would come close to this

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Spider-Man 2 is so much better that it hurts.

Spider-Man best of all.

Spider-Man 2 barely gets the nod here.

oh did you just admit tdkr is a good movie

i hate how in tdkr threads when i vote for tdkr cxfate and his alts would be like "ughhh you only vot for forgettable big bad rises durr" and when i dont vote for tdkr thecrackers would be like "wtf you like marvel reeeeee"

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both of them are so good

@thecrackers not being biased for once

Spider-Man 2 all the way.

Marvel is the best of by the terms of phase films get good and good, DCEU has terrible bad junk films of waste.

TDKR is pure garbage terrible.

Marvel comics has those best terms of all.

and you think that dceu is connected to the dark knight trilogy so yea

you probably didn't even watch the movie

spiderman 2 is marvel's best

but still a little weaker than tdkr

Who keeps caring about rises ridiculous

DCEU is load of trash to get over with

TDKR is the weakest of the films it is

TDKR is pure dull and forgettable still

We need to agree marvel has cinematic masterpieces of all

Spider Man 2 is massively overrated meanwhile TDKR is very underappreciated this is a stomp.

Spider Man 2 is massively overrated meanwhile TDKR is very underappreciated this is a stomp.

Marvel does have masterpieces though

we need to agree that cxfate cant spell for shit

I definitely prefer Spider-Man 2, but The Dark Knight Rises was still good.

I actually think The Dark Knight Rises is better, the Spider-Man trilogy is really overrated and it didn’t age well in my opinion, Spider-Man 2 is the only great film in the movie but there are still some spots that are extremely corny, like the “you have to go through me”, Doc Ock is fantastic and on par with Bane, Tobey is at his best in this film but I feel like Bale is better by a hair, the story and themes are also on par with Rises. But due to having a better protagonist, The Dark Knight Rises wins this match

spider-man 2 is great, dark knight rises is a masterpiece, mismatch

3000th ranking. Spider-Man 2 is a masterful movie among the best superhero movies, or maybe even the best movies of all time. But TDKR is just as much of a masterpiece as the first two Nolan movies. It gets an unfair treatment that it's like Catwoman or something (cough cough, Marvel spam accounts). But it is better then almost every superhero movie, or most movies in general. I love both a lot but any Nolan Batman movie beats almost always movie.

DKR by miles. Highly epic and underrated film that I highly love and enjoy. Spider Man 2 is really good at points but it's noticeably dated and occasionally a little cringey and very overrated. Both are good enough though.

TDKR is surely one of the worst CBM ever made. Hell, Spider-Man 3 is better let alone the classic Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 is surely one of the worst CBM ever made. Hell, Batman Begins is better let alone the classic Dark Knight Rises

TDKR stomps. SM2 is bloated, boring and extremely overrated.

btw the comment i made was sarcastic, SM2 imo is the best SM movie and on par with begins and just a little behind TDKR


The edge goes to Spider-Man 2.

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the worst movies ever made regardless of genre.

Spider-Man 2 is one of the worst movies ever made regardless of genre

True then true now. The Dark Knight Rises is still one of the worst movies ever made regardless of genre.

The Dark Knight Rises is easily in my top 10 spot and i still think it is the weakest of the trilogy, Spider-Man 2 barely makes it in my top 25 and it’s the beet of the trilogy.

Toby Maguire was the hottest Spider-Man and whith such masculine physique. TDKR is better.

TDKR, NWH topped SM2 and it's not even close to TDKR or TDK's level

SM2 is the best superhero movie ever made, no I will not be taking questions at this time.

The Dark Knight Rises is the best superhero movie franchise conclusion. Spider-Man 2 is a really good film but it didn’t amaze me like it did with everyone else

TDKR is one of the best endings of all time for sure

If I were to make a ranking of my favorite superhero movies, Spidey 2 would probably make my top 10 fairly easily, whereas TDKR probably wouldn't even make my top 25...

Both are great movies, and on another rewatch, my opinions on Rises may rise, but I just cannot put it above Spider-Man 2. I currently have the opinion that Spider-Man 2 is the greatest superhero film that will ever be made. I don't think anyone can and ever will top this as a superhero movie. Yes, there are movies about supeheroes I think are better like The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, and others, but this movie captures what it means to be a superhero, the things you need to lose, etc. It's emotionally driven, complex, tightly written, and most of all has the perfect protagonist. It actually applies consequences. Yes, Nolan's 3rd installment has this, but it isn't nearly to the same extent

In my ranking of comic book movies, TDKR passes Joker and sits comfortably at no.3 behind The Dark Knight and The Batman. Spider-Man 2002, which I liked more than Spider-Man 2, wouldn't even make a spot in my top 50, Spider-Man 2 is probably somewhere around the 60s, I just never understood the love for that movie