Spider-Man 2 vs. Unbreakable




Spider-Man 2 is known as one of the greatest super hero movies ever . . . but I think Unbreakable tops it. It's fearless filmmaking.

Spider-man 2 is more fun to watch and doesn't rely on the "what a twist"

liked both. this is hard. but spider man just cuz its something id watch more

Spider Man 2 is a great film, but Unbreakable is one of my all time favorites.

I think Unbreakable is some sort of lame old-school delirium, because of the crane shots and the ridiculous slowmo effects, for instance, and is a little too pretentious and self-proud, though Sam Raimi is always honestly trying to improve fun and blockbuster. Plus the very beautiful tracking shot through the glasses of Octoppus in Spider-Man 2, Raimi just has to win.

Unbreakable for me. Never been a huge Spidey fan.

unbreakable might have been doing some thing new but spider man 2 is the perfect example of a super hero film.

Comparing these is like comparing spinach to black tie cheesecake. Unbreakable wins.

Spider-Man 2

I'm the only one in the world, who does not care for Spiderman 2. Unbreakable wins.

I'll also go Unbreakable. Never a huge fan of the first Spidey trilogy...

Unbreakable takes more risks, but that doesn't necessarily make it better.

I don't think there are any Spider-Man movies that are in the top 5 comic book movies. They are too "Batman Forever". I like a movie to be taken seriously. Dark Knight, X2, DOFP, Avengers, Even the original X-Men crushes them all. They are fun but Unbreakable is great.

Spider-Man 2 is better than Unbreakable. But Unbreakable is still good and underrated

Unbreakable by far, by really far. Spider-Man 2 is just ok