Spider-Man 2 vs. Batman Begins



ouch... now this IS painful. both these movies are about equal! it is tough but im going to give the credit to spidey, because i think doc oc made for a strong villian and "the bat" didnt have much of one in "begins" :P

Opposite for me. Ras Al Ghul was easily the most menacing, psychological villain I'd seen since Anthony Hopkins found out whether or not we taste like chicken. Batman Begins is also stronger for not having any wasted supporting characters ala Colonel Jameson and less goofy extras.

This isn't even close. Spider-Man 2 is superior in every way possible. Batman Begins is a VERY overrated film, period. SM2 is still talked about when discussing the greatest films of the genre (that says a lot considering how many great films have been made over the past three years or so) but BB is only mentioned as a set up to TDK.

Batman Begins is still mentioned to be among the greatest comic book films in the history of motion picture, far more so than Spiderman 2, which is already being forgotten to set up next year's reboot.

Just wait until TDKR turns out to be another Spider-Man 3 and then Nolan walks away. The WB will reboot so fast it'll make the Nolan fans pee themselves. BTW- SM3 certainly isn't all bad but far less of a film than SM2. TDKR may have its moments but it'll be far less of a film that TDK (which is far better than Batman Begins and so is Spider-Man 2)

I wait with eager anticipation for Nolan's epic 3rd installment, which will easily be on par with, if not better than, Toy Story 3 and Return of the King, giving us a perfect trilogy. Batman Begins easily eclipses any of the Spiderman films with better dialogue, better acting, tighter script and a more engaging and thoroughly fascinating journey by the main protagonist.

I agree with SquareMaster on voting on Batman Begins. I know for a fact the TDKR will NOT turn out to be another Spider-Man 3, it just won't happen. Nolan is a more accomplished film director than Raimi and he absolutely knows how to make a film. Besides, the huge cast of top stars in TDKR will only make it even better and it may even surpass TDK which everyone only mostly liked because of Heath Ledger's performance.

Yes, Batman Begins is certainly more grown up the the likable nerd Spiderman. I mean I like the webslinger but I prefer my heroic figures to be BAMFs and I prefer my women NOT to be Kirsten Dunst. Seriously, how is this woman cast to play the sexy Ms Weed Watson? Face it Tigers, you missed the jackpot.

Batman Begins. None of the Spiderman movies sucked me in. Batman is definitely the more intriguing superhero...

"I know for a fact that TDKR won't be another SM3" We'll all remember you said that because one of us is wrong. I guarantee that TDKR will be another overcrowded attempt to top a classic. That never ends well, Nolan or not. The pressure is too great and what Ledger did in TDK is too cemented in legend to top. Again, SM3 is not all bad but not in the same league as SM2. At least I can admit that fact. Some fans here can't accept that Batman Begins, while not all bad, is not in the same league as other better films of the genre. I like Nolan's work myself but I'm not completely delusional thinking everything he does is pure gold unlike some crazed fanatics on this site.

That's nice. BB is still better than Spiderman 2 though. If Nolan ends up pulling a Pixar (Cars 2) or a Kevin MacDonald (The Eagle), I'm sure people will eat their words. Until then, he's still neck and neck with Paul Thomas Anderson for the next Kubrick.

Two comic book movies which take a back seat to others in their respective series. I give the nod to Batman Begins because of the stronger story, but a close call.

Batman Begins is pretentious garbage.Spidey 2 wins hands down.

Just saw Begins again and I take my words back.It's definitely a good movie but sort of falls apart in its third act.The villain wasn't very intriguing.However,the first half was fantastic.Bruce's journey was handled in a very mature manner.I still feel Spider-man 2 is the better movie.Tobey gives a good performance and although its tone isn't as serious as that of Begins,it depicts the crisis Peter goes through in the film expertly.

Still going with Spidey 2.

Batman Begins, easily. It's achieved a level of quality that all Marvel films are still trying to reach.

The amateur psychiatrist in me wishes to diagnose SquareMaster316 with one of the more colourful varieties of paranoia and delusion. I try to come up with early life scenarios that would adequately explain his manifest psychoses, but they all seem highly improbable. Still, it is at least possible that he was beaten over the head with a rolled up copy of an early Marvel Golden Age print, only to be rescued from the impending ass-rape (utilizing said rolled up copy of an early Marvel Golden Age print) by Christopher Nolan dressed in a Batsuit. It's cool though man, these debilitating manifestations of irrationality are shared by many on this site. Flickcharts own folie à plusieurs.

Hey, if this site's going to be a breeding ground for Marvelites and their 2 dozen or so sock puppet accounts, we may as well have some fun.

Spider-Man 2. It became my favorite superhero movie until The Dark Knight was released. It has a memorable villain and some pretty good scenes. Sure Kirsten Dunst may not be the great actress in this current generation of films, but then again, neither is Katie Holmes. I did enjoy Batman Begins after viewing it for a second time. Its story is pretty good and I always enjoy a film with a dark twist to it but there was just something about it that I didn't like when I saw it for the first time. I remember still being a kid when I saw Spider-Man 2 in the theaters and I can recall having a lot of fun with it.

There's not a lot of difference between you and those Marvelites, brah. You and Avenger7 are both pretty loopy. But fun is good (or should that read 'butt fun is good'?), so do what you do while I go all Uatu up in this bitch.

Supporting what you like is all good, but the fanboys on Flickchart really need to dial it back. Upon revisiting both in the past month or so, I found both of them to be a bit of a chore to watch. I think the story of Batman Begins is stronger than that of any of Raimi's Spider-Man movies, but I still wasn't as blown away by it as others were.

Is it wrong that I'm a flip flopper in changing my mind here? Before seeing Rises, I rewatched the first two installments and found Begins to be almost as great and about on part with TDK. I'm going with Begins now.

I prefer Spider-Man 2.

Guess i am more into Spiderman than Batman.

I was really underwhelmed with Spider-Man 2, so I'm going to pick Batman.

Tough tough choice, but I'm going with Spider-Man 2, as it's not another origin story.

Begins...by far.

The two films that were considered the supreme comic book films before The Avengers and The Dark Knight came out. Batman Begins wins for not being goofy in parts.

Loved both, but Batman Begins just edges it.

Spider-Man is my favorite man.

Spiderman 2 is still my favorite superhero film but Begins is in my opinion the best origin story for a hero so far.

Batman Begins.

Spiderman is good, Spiderman 2 is okay, Spiderman 3 sucks, and the Amazing Spiderman is utter crap. The only good Batman movies are the old ones

To be honest I prefer SpiderMan 2 more

I agree with Ellemac (above). As a film Spiderman 2 is much better. Batman Begins has one of the worst relationships I've seen in any movie b/w Bruce and Rachel. It's overloaded with pointless villains and a lot of the characters are not developed at all, Fox in particular, seems to be in the movie for the soul purpose of introducing Wayne to all his cool gadgets. Begins seemed to be a movie made for the soul purpose of making the Dark Knight (which is superior to both).

Both are a couple of my favorite comic book movies but I like Batman Begins a little more.

Spiderman 2.

Batman Begins was a more serious approach to a comic book and I liked it more! But spidey 2 is one of the best marvel/Sony movies!

Both are great, but Spider-Man 2 set the bar on how great a Superhero movie can be.

Spiderman 2 is better than any Batman movie.

It's true, Spider-Man 2 is better than any Batman movie.

Switched to Spider-Man 2 beyond the greatest ever.

Spider-Man 2 is far the superior effort film here, Batman Begins isn’t.

close asf but i think begins wins, spiderman 2 would win if it's against tdkr tho

Batman Begins wins. Tighter Script. Better Protagonist.