Bordello of Blood vs. From Dusk Till Dawn



Two movies from 1996. Bordello of Blood is entertaining and a lot better than the previous Tales from the Crypt movie, Demon Knight, but From Dusk Till Dawn still takes this one.

Bordello of Blood sucked blood From Dusk till Dawn all the way

From Dusk Till Dawn is as fun as grindhouse movies get. It's Grindhouse before the Dynamic Duo decided to turn it into a gimmick (and I actually like that movie). George Clooney's all badass and cocky swagger, you got "Sex Machine!" and Cheech Marin and Fred Williamson telling 'Nam stories in the middle of a vampire movie set in a titty bar that's not really a titty bar. It's hilarious, it's got awesome practical effects, a stake-jackhammer, and a Salma Hayek striptease that blew my 13-year-old mind (gadzooks!). Bordello of Blood is somewhere a few notches below on the "fun" scale. It's still fun, but it's not even the best of the Tales from the Crypt movies. Demon Knight is the better sibling. That's a closer match, but here, happen not gonna. Oh yeah, and three cheers for the "mean old bastard"!