Peeping Tom vs. Taxi Driver



Ugh, tough call here. Peeping Tom with the slightest edge for me...

Mark in Peeping Tom photographs porn (and shoots snuff films), while Travis Bickle just watches adult movies. I guess Mark is crazier, since he's a serial killer. Travis does waste some folks (pimps, robbers), and considers assassinating a politician, but he doesn't get some perverse thrill from it. He seems to believe that he's doing the world a service. Mark is kind of boring as serial murderers go. The rest of Peeping Tom is good. It's just Mark, and his motivation for killing, that lacked pizzazz. Travis is more interesting because his behavior isn't exactly explained, and he's a more intense character.

Peeping Tom is my pick. It's not so much a serial-killer-movie as it is a psychological study of a character, and a brilliant one at that.

Taxi Driver, Travis was a far more interesting character for me.

I agree with Boonmee about Peeping Tom being far more than just a film about some serial killer. I found the character of Mark Lewis fascinating...but the Travis Bickle character is something special. Taxi Driver is the better film (but not by much).