Beverly Hills Cop vs. The Philadelphia Story



I love this site, but something's seriously messed up when Beverly Hills Cop is 273rd globally and The Philadelphia Story is 1828th.

I'm going to watch The Philadelphia Story, even though I don't like Katherine Hepburn all that much. Maybe I can rate it higher than Beverly Hills Cop for you.

OK, yeah. I still don't like Katherine Hepburn. Considering that I don't really care for Beverly Hills Cop all that much, I thought this would be a fairly easy matchup to decide on. But The Philadelphia Story was uninvolving and unfunny almost all the way through. I mean, The Lady Eve came out around the same time and I love that movie, so clearly some old school comedies can appeal to my sensibilities. The Lady Eve is a sexy, spunky movie (Barbara Stanwyck is sexy and spunky, after all) but The Philadelphia Story is plain boring. Beverly Hills Cop isn't boring, but it is loud and obnoxious. I pretty much have no interest in watching either of these movies ever again. I'll just give it to The Philadelphia Story and try to put both of these movies behind me. Beverly Hills Cop is more irritating, which might be worse than the general apathy I feel toward The Philadelphia Story. (Then again, if I watched it again, my irritation level may increase. But I'm not going to do that.)

What?! No! The Philadelphia Story is one of my all time favourites. Grant and Hepburn are amazing together. Hepburn is the perfect actress to play the flawed lead - so aloof!

Just saw The Philadelphia Story for the first time, and if you judge both comedies by what they are, they are truly The Hangover's of their day (Listen to the dialogue of The Philadelphia Story. If the MPAA rating system been in place, it could've been a true R-rated comedy). Still, as terrific as Beverly Hills Cop is, it doesn't hold a candle to The Philadelphia Story. Not only is it one of the funniest films ever made, but it's also one of the greatest films ever made period. The opening scene is probably the most famous one ever seen, but the rest of the film holds its own all the way until the end. The Philadelphia Story wins this in a landslide!

I'm not a fan of The Philadelphia Story at all. For me, it's good for one or two mild chuckles and that's it. Beverly Hills Cop, though, is still hilarious, even though it's 30 years old. Axel Foley dominates...

The Philadelphia Story

I guess Howard Bannister's original complaint that The Philadelphia Story was globally ranked so low is no longer a concern. It is a way better film than Beverly Hills Cop, though.

This is a funny matchup. I didn't enjoy the Philadelphia Story at all. Katharine Hepburns character was unlikable, and yet. It wasn't suppose to be. The dialogue is in moving and watered down. Beverly Hills Cop is a new classic that still holds up well, with an outstanding soundtrack.

Love both but I like Beverly Hills Cop more