Beverly Hills Cop vs. Coming to America



Love them both, but this one goes to Coming to America

oh man...what happened to Eddie Murphy. His 80s stuff was so funny! this one is real close for me.

My guess is that Eddie Murphy died in the early '90s. However, the movie companies cloned him, and that is the reason why we are facing his modern movie-atrocities. Well, Beverly Hills Cop. Better music.

I love Beverly Hills Cop, but Coming to America is one of my most favorite Comedy's ever, I watch it like 100 times, it's just great

Both great movies. I ask you though Eddie with profanity or eddie without? BHCII takes it....(hey, who's that black guy???)

Well, this is a hard one. I haven't seen BHC in years while CTA is pretty fresh in my mind. What to do?


Close call but Coming to America is really funny.

Coming to America. I think Beverly Hills Cop is fun, but a bit overrated.

Well, I'll go with Beverly Hills Cop. Both are awesome, but Coming to America doesn't have bananas in the tailpipe.

I liked Coming to America a lot more than I thought I would. But it is not nearly as entertaining as Eddie's early 80's stuff, most notably Beverly Hills Cop.

I'm gonna go with Coming to America. Two great movies, but you just can't top McDowell's....

Both are great but Coming to America loses it at the ending. Beverly Hills Cop is just an overall funnier film

Coming 2 America. It is a funnier experience, but overall Beverly Hills Cop is a great film too.

I'm going with Beverly Hill Cop. I like both, but the second half of Coming to America becomes too much of a generic romantic comedy.

Coming To America has a brain.

Beverly Hills Cop is definatly better.