28 Days Later... vs. Dog Soldiers



Independent British Horror; 28 Days Later wins!

I thought 28 days Later would be amazing but it gave me nothing. Dog Soldiers wins.

They're both awesome. Dog Soldiers is still the best thing Marshall has done, I think. That is a _fun_ movie. Soap vs. the Werewolves. 28 Days Later slays though. Style, music, character, tension...you name it. Boyle's my main dude.

Love both of these... but 28 Days Later has always made the top five of my list!

I prefer Dog Soldiers. I think maybe because this is one of the first movies we watched together Elazanna :)

both Great European Indi Horror films out in 2002! Dog Soldiers is marvelous but 28 Days Later feels so chaotic its an adrenaline rush plus the mood and characters are perfect! 28 Days the best Zombie movie in the last 25 years Dog Soldiers the best Werewolf film of the last 25 but 28 Days is the better overall film!

Always been a sucker for Dog Soldiers.