28 Days Later... vs. I Am Legend



I heard these movies being compared quite a bit when "I Am Legend" was released, but to me it's comparing a masterpiece to a doodle. Not to say that doodles can't be fun, but that's ALL "I Am Legend" was. Otherwise, it felt contrived and forced. The CGI seemed to detract in that the "dark seekers" were so obviously computer generated (when makeup could have been much more successful). Also, I think it's bull to set up the premise that the protagonist is the last survivor and suddenly introduce that he isn't. "28 Days Later" was original, unpredictable, cultivated better character development smoothly and maintained a flawless succession of dramatic tension from beginning to [a very epic] end. And it's pretty darn fun too!


28 Days Later all the way. The atmosphere, originality and tension was far superior than I Am Legend. It's in my opinion the best Zombie movie ever made.

I liked I Am Legend A lot but it wasnt a game changer Like the modern classic 28 Days Later it took some elements from other Zombie films and dialed it up! a great Horror film and a top 10 greatest Zombie film ever!

28 Days Later is my favourite horror movie of all TIME.....

28 Days Later is arguably the generally favoured movie, but I prefer I Am Legend. Focusing on a single character for most of the movie kept me more engaged with how this character would react to everything put in front of him. Sure, it could've elaborated more on its virus, but Will Smith's standout performance is more of a strongpoint compared to that of Cillian Murphy's.