Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse vs. Spider-Man



I kept thinking about this matchup while watching Spiderverse. I loved Spiderman when it first came out but as it went along I kept thinking "Into the Spiderverse" is the best Spiderman movie yet. The story, the characters, the humor, the art style are all amazing. And the best thing of all is Mary Jane is not Kirsten Dunst.

Spider-Verse is idiotic and childish and NOT Spider-Man. This doesn't even merit a match up. Raimi's Spider-Man all day long.

Spider-Verse is far instant awesomeness more than the boring original Spider-Man film.

Unless you are 8 years old you are going to vote Spider-Man here. Spider-Verse is perverse millennial nonsense.


Spider-Verse. It was like some surreal Russian animation, whilst Spider-Man just felt ordinary.

Spider-Verse is animated crap. Live action REAL Spidey where it's at.

Spider-Verse is animated crap. Live action REAL Spidey where it's at.

Spider-Verse is animated crap. Live action REAL Spidey is definitely where it's at.

Sam Riami Spider-Man never was simple for me, Spider-Verse as I enjoy more indeedful than the boring original Spider-Man trilogy.

Spider-Verse children can go screw themselves.

Spider-Verse all the way.

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Spider verse was everything good about Spider-Man in one film.


Into the Spider-Verse is such SJW crap. Admit it and free your soul.

I’m personally going with into the Spider-Verse here.

Spider-Verse is far better IMO.

Time hasn't changed the fact that Into the Spider-Verse is poorly constructed, juvenile and overly PC for our own good.

Spider-Man 1 is a great film, but I think Into the Spider-Verse is the best Spider-Man film so far.

What are people smoking? Into the Spider-Verse is woke nonsense. Not a film and not to be taken seriously.

ITSV isn't even top 3 SM films tbh

I personally disagree, but to each his/her own :)

The Spider-Man trilogy is really overrated, the second one is the closest one to be on the level of Spider-Verse. the first Spider-Man aged terribly it’s not even close to the second film, let alone Spider-Verse

Real movie by a lot. Spider-Man is all time classic........ In to Verse is a soy boy's wet dream but nothing else.

I actually agree with you for once except I still enjoyed ITSV

How is Into the Spider-Verse a soyboy’s wet dream? Or do you just don’t like the film and brings politics into it so you can justify your hate

spider-verse, fuck anyone who uses "soyboy" unironically

Spider-verse gets the nod...

Into the Spider Verse - 10/10 Spider Man - 6/10 Spider Verse is a masterpiece, Spider Man is reasonably entertaining and paved the way for much better films (Spider Man 2, for example) but its very dated and cheesy. William Dafoe steals the scene though.

spiderverse is amazing, spiderman is great

spiderman still, even if i don't like it as much as before

switching to ITSV by a hair

ITSV is sooo much better

Surprised to see there's so much division on this one... I gotta say, I personally prefer the first Raimi movie, but I still really liked Spider-Verse, and honestly: all the people referring to it as "woke SJW nonsense" etc. kinda make me want to go with Spider-Verse anyway just out of spite... Still, I'm not going to let some trolls colour my opinion of either movie. Sorry, Spider-Verse, but the Raimi movies are still top tier for me!

Spider-Man remains a personal favorite for me. Spider-verse is cool for this new generation of Spider-Man fans, but it never really did a whole lot for me.

Spider-verse, while perhaps less enjoyable, tells a more compelling, heartfelt story. Spider-Man, on the other hand, is not meant to be a deep, rich experience. It's just a movie that you enjoy for its merits. These movies are trying to accomplish very different things, and personally, I like Spider-Verse more for what it is trying to do.

Spider-Man is the better film

Spider-Verse >>>> any Raimi Spider-Man movie