Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse vs. The Amazing Spider-Man



I liked the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man, Into the Spider-verse easily catapulted itself to the top. It’s the best Spider-Man movie to-date.

I can't see anyone choosing Amazing. Into The Spider-verse was original and ambitious. (Not-so) Amazing was a dull, unimaginative and sloppy experience. You lose, get off my property.

The Spider-verse was extremely lame. Don't get the hype at all. Amazing was quite dreadful as well but at the least the leads were well cast. Even Sally Field as Aunt May worked better than the "Hot May" they are trying now.

Fully back the "Spider-verse was extremely lame" comment. Just a dumb politically correct cartoon.

Spider-verse was cool but I'd actually rather sit down to watch Amazing Spider-Man than Spider-verse. Crazy, I know!

Spider-Verse is far better, The Amazing Spider-Man is crap boring of the series.

I'd have to go Spider-Verse...

Most for sure Spider-Verse is far success best story and characters, Amazing Spider-Man is beyond of a bad let down disappointing film and beyond it's second film was near far worse ever, Spider-Verse easily stomps here.

i found spider-verse to be extremely overrated but it's still >>>> TASM

TASM for me. ITSV is overrated crap.

I seriously don't get how TASM is even putting up a decent fight. ITSV all the way

uh no. The Amazing Spider-Man is average. Into the Spider-Verse is better in every way

spider-verse is overrated maybe, but it is way better than the amazing spider-man