Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse vs. Incredibles 2



on 1/18/2019

Incredibles 2 is pretty good, but it's certainly a whole class below the original. Great, but should've been better. Spider-Verse was a blast. It's among the Pixar's best as one of the best animated movies ever. It certainly beats Incredibles 2, but it's quite a fun movie, y'know.

on 1/18/2019

Both are good, but Spider-Verse is far better.

on 1/19/2019

Spider-Verse is overrated junk. Incredibles is WAY better.

on 2/8/2019

Incredibles 2 is the same movie as the original only with worse execution, were as spider verse is the best spiderman movie and it's got some good competition.

on 3/13/2019

Incredibles 2 is the more focused movie, I feel. Spider-Verse had too much going on with too little time. Incredibles 2 also has the benefit of already beloved characters and better comedy. I'm happy Spider-Verse won the Oscar, along with a number of other awards, because it's something fresh... but my personal best animated movie of 2018 is Incredibles 2.

on 3/15/2019

You can't recall Spider-Verse is overrated junk, above it's one of the best animated comic stories ever made furthermore it have won for best animated feature oscar, Spider-Verse is unique better.

on 5/10/2019

@Cxfatesniper8ck I just want to remind you that The Incredibles 2 is a scary Pixar movie. I hope you will find out which animated superhero movie you think is better. If Spider-Verse can be less serious than The Incredibles 2, it will be a miracle.

on 5/12/2019

Incredibles 2 is fine. I loved the subplot involving Mr Incredible trying to be a father and this lead to some hilarious moments with Jack Jack and creates the dynamic lacking from the first. The comedy did seem to shift in the sequel from dialogue driven to slapstick, but slapstick can be hilarious if done well. Unfortunately, the main plot was fun but kinda dull and the pacing of the movie isn't the smoothest. Into The Spider-Verse, on the otherhand, is a minor masterpiece! An example of how great animation could be filled with unique ideas, hilarious comedy and great characters. It's not the corporate soulless blandness we get from modern superhero movies!

on 5/12/2019

Incredibles 2 is more entertaining to be sure. Spider-Verse is average if you don't know anything about the source material. If you do, you either love it or think it is insulting pandering.