Mrs. Doubtfire vs. Good Morning, Vietnam



Two classics Robin Williams films.... Hard choice.

Oh man. I LOVE Mrs. Doubtfire, but Good Morning, Vietnam is just a bit more powerful.

Two of Williams most famous roles. Vietnam shows his amazing range to be both the funniest man in the room as well as the best dramatic actor. Doubtfire is another film where he has everyone laughing non stop and by the end you feel like you just watched the most beautiful movie about how divorce ever made.

Goooooooooood Morning, Vietnam! One of my favorite Robin Williams films. I never really cared for Mrs. Doubtfire even though it's one of his most famous roles. I just find something kind of disturbing about it.

Yes both are great his best early roles but I like the sweet but kinda disturbing Ms Doubtfire more it always gets me laughing so hard.