The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers vs. The Godfather Part II



Two of the greatest sequels ever. Shockingly, I'll go with Two Towers, because I think Godfather II is a little overrated. The DeNiro scenes are perfect, but the Pacino scenes are overwrought and pocked with plot holes.

The Godfather part II is a masterpiece, yes... but i just like seeing LOTR much more than the heavy Godfather movies. no disrespect, but The Godfather movies can get pretty tiring, unlike LOTR which i just can't get enough of

I'm probably in the minority, but I thought the second LOTR was better than the first. That being said, The Godfather: Part 2 wins.

LOTR is more entertaining but I got to give it to the Godfather PT II its amazing.

7 and 11 on my list, The Godfather Part II wins.

Greatest sci-fi sequel vs. greatest mafia sequel. Both epitomize perfection in their respective genres. Their so close in terms of being great. Just a matter of preference. I have to be in the mood for the Godfather movies while I could watch LOTR anytime. That being said, Two Towers was more entertaining.

Two Towers ain't no sci-fi.

LOL! Sci Fi? Anyways, I just love TTT more but I certainly need to re-watch Godfather Part II...

Two of the best sequels to two of the best trilogies? I'm sticking with the Two Towers on this one, if it were the original Godfather, it destroys TTT but I just don't love Part II of the Godfather as much as TTT....Still love the Godfather Part II of course

Godfather Part II wins pretty easily against the weakest of the LOTR trilogy.

WOW! Can't believe I referred to TTT as sci-fi. Forgive me fellas. Greatest fantasy follow up vs. greatest mob follow up. GF2 is more classic, but I simply enjoy the LOTR trilogy over the GF trilogy. I realize GF3 was a disappointment for most, but even without the tainting of GF3, I still like LOTR more.

I think Godfathers 1 & 2 are better the LotR trilogy. The camera work, the acting, the drama, the tension, all these make for two masterful pieces of cinema. The LotR trilogy, are excellent, but don't quite get there.

Part II takes out all LOTR except for Fellowship

Oh..... oh shit. Hmmm............

Godfather Part II

Godfather Part II definitely. The Two Towers is rightfully one of the best films of all time however it is nowhere near the cinematic height of Part II.

both are one of the best sequels ever, GF2 wins

The Godfather Part 2 is the greatest sequel ever made. I think that just about gives my answer

Part II is the second best sequel ever made, so Part II wins but it's close