The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



Fellowship is my favorite of the series.

Both are fantastic but the way Fellowship sets up the next two films is unrivaled in any other trilogy.

Two Towers if for nothing else the battle at the end.

Fellowship, no question. The movie is way better and has way more content than Two Towers.

Fellowship is the better film, no question. Love them both, though.

This is a hard one. Yes, Two Towers had epic battles, but the Fellowship has more emotion and feeling to it. Got to go with Fellowship of the Rings

Fellowship is the best in the series, and The Two Towers is my least favourite.

Gollum alone makes The Two Towers better.

People I saw The Two Towers with in the theater were shocked when, at the end, I said, "I loved it, but I thought Fellowship was better." At the time, I thought maybe the fact that I'd seen Fellowship a dozen times before TTT came out had something to do with it, but now, after all this time, I still feel the same. As a whole, Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings is absolutely my favorite movie of all time. Break it down, and Fellowship is my favorite. Two Towers comes third.

FELLOWSHIP nailed what I wanted to see out of a LORD OF THE RINGS film adaptation. TOWERS strayed so far from the book that Jackson almost lost me. I wish that, instead of an extended cut, Jackson had given us the original cut -- before the reshoots that changed the ending and added all the unnecessary detours in the middle act to stretch the running length. I don't care if it was only 2 hours long; at 3 hours, the pacing is so miscalculated that it was only sporadically great. Treebeard was a total flop, the changes to Faramir's character sank the whole middle act, and the cheesy showdown in Osgiliath at the end was so phony and forced I wish I had left the theater early. On repeat viewing, I fast-forward over about half of TOWERS. But FELLOWSHIP is fried freaking gold, from the campy humor to the blood-soaked swashbuckling and even the pathos -- it's a damned fine adventure film.

They got better as they went along in my opinion. The battle at the end when Gandalf comes back... amazing.

I see the lord of the rings trilogy the same way as Kevin Smith. It's just a bunch of walking. I did like the books though.


Like the books, TT while still great, is a bridge between FotR and RotK.....In this match up, gotta to with Fellowship....

I have to say Fellowship even though it does not have spectacular battles. We get to see a lot more in Fellowship.

LOTR is the most fucking amazing thing on the planet. Who's with me?!?

The Two Towers is the best LOTR movie in my opinion; it has the strongest atmosphere, is perfectly balanced between all characters, shows off some memorable, epic battles, is beautifully pictured and also has a small advantage due to its fantastic soundtrack. All three films are totally amazing, but those small nuances make the difference. It's still hard, though, not to put all three films at number one on my list.

The Two Towers > Fellowship. Same lovable characters, better battles.

The Fellowship of the Ring, I nearly loved. This despite my hatred for Tolkien and his writing. And I cannot name a sequel worse than The Two Towers. Jackson even fails to engage me with his battles. Only one that did much at all for me was the brief one with the wolves. Admittedly, I say this having only seen the theatrical cut. And it was the extended cut I almost loved. But no supplemental 40 or so minutes will change my mind drastically enough for me to choose The Two Towers. Other than its visuals, the rare bit of humor that works and one brief and engaging battle scene, it was dreadful. If I hadn't been forcing myself to stay awake and suffer through it all, I'd've fallen asleep less than an hour in. Wish I had. Never has a movie viewing experience been more frustrating. And never have I wanted evil to win out more.

I'm glad that Charyou_Tree sticks to his opinion, but it is in no way definitive. I do agree that FOTR is superior.

One word: Gollum.

Although Two Towers has a better action sequence at Helm's Deep, Fellowship is much better film because of the characters and story.



Two Towers is way better than Fellowship (which is also a great movie), imo.

Love them both dearly, obviously. Two Towers have things going for it, obviously - Gollum, Helm's Deep, Rohan - but with Fellowship it was love at first sight for me. The movie is incredibly close to the book, and it plays like a roller coaster.

I have to choose Fellowship here. The slow beginning, with lot of time for character introduction, only small fights until Moria and the overall athmosphere makes it a better movie in my opinion.

If you asked me which LoTR film is the best, I'd say Fellowship. If, however, you asked me which one is my favorite, I'd say Towers.


Fellowship was perfect.

I love all the LOTR but I thought Two Towers was more fast past and entertaining.

Fellowship if definitely the best of the Lord of the Rings films because it gets you into the characters of the series, sets everything up nicely, and benefits from having the entire group together. Two Towers, while still excellent, is the most fragmented and awkward of the series, which is just because it is the middle film in a trilogy.

Okay this is almost not fare but I picked LOTR Fellowship because it is the start of the saga.

I always seem to vote for the middle move in trilogies. Two Towers it is.

The Two Towers. The first film was quite good, but TTT was definitely an improvement.

I'm changing my vote (and probably will again). When I went to see TT in theaters, I was outraged -- thought it strayed too far from the book. But repeat viewings have caused me to change my opinion of it. Repeat viewings have caused me to think that it may just be the best movie out of the three, although FotR is the best adaptation. The arc of TT is clearest, and the climax the most unified. Helm's Deep is just amazing, as is the realization of Rohan as a whole. But I might be bouncing back to FotR eventually; the trouble with it at the moment is that I've seen it too many times.

Fellowship started it I'll stick with it. I actually found Gollum to be quite annoying, so it probably drags TTT below Fellowship.

I'm one of the few people I think that likes The Two Towers as the best LotR film.

Fellowship is better than Two Towers in almost every aspect. Both are 5 star flicks in my opinion, but Fellowship is the better of the two. However, my favorite is Return of the King

The Fellowship of the Ring crushes the Two Towers because it is the strongest LOTr.

Two Towers simply for the epic Balrog battle at the beginning and also the severely hopeless last stand at helms deep.

...this is actually close? It's obviously Fellowship here. This would at least be interesting if it were Fellowship vs. Return of the King.

I love Fellowship. But about Two Towers there's Maybe because of the introduction of (A LOT OF) Gimli humor, or the orcs with the weird accents (Bugs Bunny orc...what the hell is up with THAT?). And the movie focuses more on the Aragorn - Arwen subplot...which is boring because I don't care about that at all, I always fast forward when those scenes start. I still think the movie is great though: it's as much an achievement in movie history as Fellowship (maybe even more), Andy Serkis as Gollum is absolutely fantastic, the battles are epic and Howard Shore's score is, like those for the other Lotr movies, one the most memorable ever made. It's just not that good as Fotr or Rotk.

Second one, definitely, if nothing else thanks to that awesome Where is horse and rider? speech, I love that bit!

The last hour of Two Towers is truelly spectacular

Oh this is a little tough. The last hour of Two Towers is fantastic. But I have to go with The Fellowship of the Ring. It brought me into loving this franchise. So many epic moments in The Fellowship. Amazing movie.

Fellowship of the Ring

FoTR is a fast moving, sharply edited adventure movie that is also kind of a travelogue through a gorgeous looking middle earth. By tTT we're not impressed by visual spectacle any more, and we start to see some of the simplistic and indulgent emotional writing that marred RoTK creeping into the film. Without the epic battle, it's just not that great. Gotta be FoTR.

Two Towers for me great end battle and intro to great characters: Theoden, Aeowen, and of course Gollum.

And Faramir.

Whilst 'The Two Towers' has the memorable Battle of Helm's Deep and many other awesome moments, I must have to choose Fellowship as being superior. It is a more re-watchable film for me (In fact, I'd watch it every day) whereas The Two Towers slows down with the Ents.

I love the hell outta these films but the Fellowship didn't slow the story down with the Ents. However I love the hell outta both but the Fellowship seemed more fulfilling.

The one without those talking trees.

Fellowship just, my 1 vs 3

I've had a rethink of Two Towers; I used to think it was the weakest in the trilogy, but now I believe that accolade goes to Return of the King, which has a slow but promising beginning, an even slower middle, and a fantastic conclusion. Two Towers is much better throughout, and has better character development. However, both pale in comparison to Fellowship, my indisputable favourite of the trilogy.

This is actually really hard for me and I have to give it a lot of thought. While, yes, it has Gollum, a really terrific final battle and it left an impression on me, I don't know if I would rank it above Fellowship of the Ring. I don't think Fellowship reaches the great highs that The Two Towers reached, but I do think that it's more consistently very good. They're both very flawed, they're both very entertaining, but I think Fellowship might just barely sneak past The Two Towers.

Fellowship of the Ring is my favorite of them all.

Fellowship will always be my favorite.

Having rewatched them both today I'm switching over to the Fellowship. Both moved into my top 10 though.

Two Towers is fantastic, but Fellowship is my favourite of the trilogy.

i just loved the second part better :DD tho a big foot on it got the elven marchwarden :DD sad he died but oh well, wouldn't be that good if he didn't :D

Can't believe I haven't commented on this matchup since I have the entire LOTR trilogy in my top ten! I really wish there was a way to allow them all to occupy one slot in my top ten because there are some really worthy movies just outside my top ten that can't get in because LOTR occupies three spots. LOL. Anyway, ROTK > FOTR > TTT for me.

Fellowship still the best of any peter Jackson film period.

The trilogy itself is awe-inspiring but I'm going to have to choose Two Towers.

Two Towers was way better than Fellowship, are you kidding me? Easy choice!

The Two Towers is kind of the weakist film ever, but Fellowship is the best film over anything.

Lord of the Rings is one of those series, like Star Wars OT, that is of such consistent quality that at some point they've all been my favorite. First it was Two Towers, then Return of the King. Now it's Fellowship by a decent margin.

Fellowship gets the easy win here.Two towers is weakest from the triology

Fellowship was three hours of weird creatures wandering around. So Two Towers is the clear winner.

Two was a dip down.

Both masterpieces, but I've always liked Fellowship better between these two. I think it may have something to do with Fellowship's first act, which I would rank as one of the best first acts in cinema. The first hour of Two Towers doesn't grab you as hard as Fellowship's first hour.

Both are great though

The Fellowship of the Ring wins as they say.

These two films are so close it hurts. That said, I have to choose and The Two Towers drew me in more to the point where I was cheering when Gandalf arrived at Helms Deep. Along with the Gollum, the ents and the emotional struggles of war, my pick goes to TTT.

fellowship astonished me more with its cinematography and its music.

The Fellowship. Classy cinema at its best....


Fellowship was the best in the series.

Fellowship of the Ring was far the best.

The Two Towers beats the Fellowship by a bit for me...

The worst vs the best of the LOTR. Still, that's not saying much since all three are masterpieces and among the greatest films ever. Nevertheless, Fellowship was more enjoyable and less flawed than Two Towers, which dragged, for me personally.

Two Towers is great but fellowship is much better. Fellowship has many more memorable moments and just a far more satisfying film overall.

Two Towers, because it focused a lot more on its story. While FOTR did also have an emphasis on story it also focused a bit more on action. I loved the ending for Two Tower, and I think it had better dialogue. Also I loved Andy Serkis' performance as Gollum, and the Battle of Helm's Deep. Still nothing beats ROTK, which was a perfect balance of story and action.

TTT is the best LOTR movie