The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers vs. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey



The Hobbit was a fun adventure, but the epic scale of The Two Towers was much too high to reach.

The Two Towers is the weakest link of the LOTR Trilogy, but it's still way better than An Unexpected Journey. Granted The Hobbit is a great film, just not that great.

The Two Towers was the only Lord of the Rings film I couldn't like. Granted, Gollum was awesome, but it just wasn't as good as the other two in the trilogy. The Hobbit is already underrated. I personally found it much better than the other three Lord of the Ring films; it was more fast paced, more entertaining, and had better visuals.

Just saw the Hobbit and it was amazing, but The Two Towers is even more amazing.

The Hobbit was faster paced than the LotR films? Are you freakin' kidding me? The movie had loads of fluff, whereas the LotR movies all exhibit lean, concise storytelling. I enjoyed An Unexpected Journey--particularly the Gollum scenes--but it's nowhere near the level of the trilogy, and certainly never rises to an emotional climax the way The Two Towers does, in the Helm's Deep scenes and Sam's big speech.

The weakest LotR movie over the first Hobbit movie. I really enjoyed The Hobbit, but fuck that was long. It's too long for its own good. The lengths of the LotR movies are (mostly) justified, but that's not the case with The Hobbit. A lot of scenes are really drawn out. The scene with the trolls, some scenes in Rivendell, even the final action scene feels longer than it needs to be. But with that said though, there is a lot in the movie to enjoy and some things are even better than in the LotR movies. For example the editing; the editing in the other movies wasn't that great in places. And I actually like Bilbo better than Frodo. All Elijah Wood had to do as Frodo in the other movies was looking sad with his puppy eyes and speak very softly, I always found him one of the least interesting characters. Martin Freeman on the other hand has much more personality and is more likeable. Of all the Hobbits we’ve seen on screen, this is my favorite. The movie also has some truly beautiful imagery, but that was to be expected. And ofcourse it’s great to see Gollum back, and the scenes he appears in really are the best of the movie. Overall, I really liked it, but it is not at all on the same level as the LotR movies. And oh yeah, there is an extended cut coming out. I have the extended cuts of the LotR movies, but I’m not so sure if I want the extended cut of the Hobbit. I think I rather have an abridged cut.

"the LotR movies all exhibit lean, concise storytelling." I think this quote is actually what the mayans were predicting to happen the other day

The Hobbit was very good but The Two Towers is just something else.

Peter Jackson got a little too indulgent with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (that running time is almost unforgivable). The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is better in almost every way.

Two Towers is the weakest of the trilogy. the first Hobbit was more fun but a bit unnecessarily long. I take Two Towers over the first Hobbit but these two are at the bottom of my lotr list

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The Ents go to war vs. boring dwarves

Yes, The Two Towers is the weakest of the original trilogy. Still, it looks even more like the masterpiece that it is next to the first Hobbit movie.

Both are amazing but I like the characters in Two Towers more and the story is epic its one of the Greats.

TTT without the a second thought...

The Two Towers without a doubt. I enjoy Unexpected Journey but it's no where near the greatness of Lord of the Rings.

Two Towers has more action and more suspence and its a lot of fun.