Hard Boiled vs. The Raid



Knew this one would pop up, eventually. And it's appropriate enough, with everyone calling The Raid "the next Hard Boiled". That tag comes stems from the movie's relentless pace and its sheer balls-to-the-wallacity (that's a real term, look it up). It's a tag I think the movie deserves, but then, how does one choose a winner? Fuck seniority. That's just stupid. It comes down to quality and math. Hard Boiled has three, count 'em - three - classic action scenes (four, if you want to split the warehouse shootout in two). The Raid has the one-on-one about halfway through its running time, the drug lab bit, and the two-on-one finale. I'd say the finale is the only scene that stands up against Hard Boiled's three when you REALLY get down to it (they're still ridiculously awesome and I might be underselling them a bit; need to re-watch), plus you've got the cool factor in Chow Yun-Fat, so I think I have to give it to Hard Boiled. Looks like the old dude on the block wins. Papa spank.

It's close but I gotta go with the sheer balls-to-the-wallacity of The Raid.

It's also worth noting that Hard Boiled may have three real action scenes (the scene by the boat isn't bad either, so maybe four), but the last half hour would be divided into like 10 action scenes in any other movie. Of course, if how much action a movie has is the deciding factor, Michael Bay would be considered a pretty good director. There's "something more".

It's not just how much, it's the quality, as well. And we all know Michael Bay can't compete with John Woo. No way. And the "something more" is Woo's melodramatics. The over-the-top emotion, the morality, retribution, honor, etc. Sure, it's a little cheesy, but I love it. Believe me, I'm aware of what makes Woo, Woo. But Hard Boiled wins based on quality and quantity, alone.

Oh, yeah. I just meant everyone talks about Hard Boiled like it's so great because it's over-the-top and the action is great, but even with the most "actiony" action movies, there needs to be a certain narrative and moral center to motivate the action. (What am I even talking about.)

Just watched Hard Boiled for the first time. I loved it, and it's really enjoyable. But ... it's up against The Raid, one of the best action movies I've ever seen. It's basically Hard Boiled but with mainly fists instead of guns. That's a lot more cooler to watch. I'm not dissing Hard Boiled. That was over-the-top greatness, but The Raid wins.

I'll also go with The Raid. Not a knock on Hard Boiled...it just wasn't as good as The Raid.

as far as I'm concerned hard boiled has easily the greatest action sequences ever put to film and while the raid has amazing hand to hand combat I'll all ways prefer some good old fashion gun play.

I prefer Hard Boiled, it's just got more style.