Hard Boiled vs. A Better Tomorrow



I am a John Woo NUT and these are probably my two favorite movies of his. Some people aren't into the homoerotic tone in Woo's stuff (especially here in ABT), but I'm not a homophobe nor am I bothered by the tone. In fact, it's one of the reasons I love the movie so much. Nothing wrong with a little brotherhood. Hard Boiled is simply one of the best action movies to ever grace a movie screen, Hong Kong or otherwise. I think I have to go with Hard Boiled because of how balls-out it is with the mayhem. I don't see it being topped anytime soon.

It's dumb how people have to associate EVERYTHING with sexuality, anyway. Postmodern nonsense. Hard Boiled's in the same league, but A Better Tomorrow turns me into a weepy menopausal woman watching Lifetime, I'm not afraid to admit it. What, wanna fight?? HRGGGHH

I really like the characters better in ABT even though Hard Boiled has some of the best action sequences ever filmed, ABT has a better story and Chow Yun Fat is alot more charismatic in ABT