Hard Boiled vs. Die Hard



Arguably the two greatest action films ever made. Damn. Tough choice, but I'm gonna go with Hard Boiled, if only for the hospital shoot-out scene.

Arguably, yeah. I'd put T2 and Aliens ahead of Die Hard, but it's up there. But at the end of the day, Hard Boiled wins the whole thing.

Die Hard kinda feels like no big deal if you watch it these days. That's natural when a film's ripped off so much, but I don't think that's the only reason. I still feel like a 13 year old whenever I see Hard Boiled, it's just so obviously a work of genius. So yeah, Hard Boiled is the harder of the two "hard" movies.

ahh and it's worth noting I'll take that cheesy synth HK action movie music over mushy orchestration with Christmas motifs in almost every scene.

Eh, I love Die Hard's score, but Hard Boiled's synth score IS awesome, you're right. Love that one song (you know which one I'm talking about). Doo-doo-doo-doo--doo--DOOOOOO!

"you know which one I'm talking about" oh yes I do

*stomps birdcage*

Such nerds, we are. :) Why I can't I actually live near people who've seen Hard Boiled?

I feel your pain

Me discussing action movies with people in South Carolina: "Yeah, Die Hard's cool. Ever seen Hard Boiled?" "Hard what?" "Hard Boiled. It's really badass. It's got Chow Yun-Fat in it." "Who?" "The guy from Crouching Tiger." "Oh, okay! I know him. The kung fu guy." "John Woo directed it." "Who?" "You know, John Woo. Two guns, doves-" "Oh, you mean the guy who did Mission: Impossible 2?" "...Yes, the guy who did Mission: Impossible 2."

Haha yeah, it's the same everywhere. But if you show 'em one of his 80s movies you'll make them into converts 90% of the time.

(or early 90s, I keep thinking of Hard Boiled as an 80s movie :v it basically is.)

"Oh, okay! I know him. The kung fu guy." That's the most embarrassing thing about this scenario.

Die Hard. Easy.

Die Hard by a whisker.

Yep, no second thoughts on that one.

Hard Boiled. Easy.

Die Hard was arguably the greatest pure action movie ever... but the same goes for Hard Boiled. Die Hard has all the hype because it was the movie that paved the way for the next decades of action movies (raised the bar way too high) and because it was a Hollywood production. I'm giving it to Hard Boiled in a close one. Just too awesome!

I love Hard Boiled. Some of the best action ever filmed. However, Die Hard is the ultimate of its genre, so it wins.

Like usual agree with ToryK, Hard Boiled wins this pretty easily, it has more hard boiled action, pun intended, and only one of these films has the badass chow yun fat shooting guys down while holding a baby, John Woo is the King of Action passed on from Sam Peckinpah and Gareth Evans could be the new King for a new Gnereration

I liked Die Hard and Alan Richman as Hans Gruber, but I believe Hard Boiled had a better hero with Chow Yun Fat as Tequila and Tony Leung as Alan, not to mention the gunplay and shootouts in the teahouse and hospital. If Hard Boiled was a Hollywood production there would be endless of sequels, kinda like Die Hard.

Love both of these films, right up there among my favourites in the genre. "Die Hard" is probably the more complete film in that it features a lot of great characters and dramatic moments that work quite seamlessly within the film while "Hard Boiled" is almost more like an exploitation gun porn film done perfectly pretty much. Whatever weaknesses Woo might have with drama, he more than makes up for with action and the film has some of the most batshit crazy action setpieces I've ever seen. The climax just goes on and on and still finds a way to maintain an intensity and momentum. Also the fact that its Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung as the leads is pretty awesome, given that they're both HK superstars. With all that said, I'll take "Die Hard" for now but it's real close for me.

Both are fantastic and among the best of the genre but my choice is Die Hard. You know why? Because it has Alan Rickman, that's why.

The pinnacle of the action genre right here.