Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter vs. Friday the 13th Part II




I don't know. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, hands down, works the best as a horror film. The other films in the franchise are either more funny or more annoying than they are scary, but The Final Chapter has some very creepy moments. And it's also the first Friday the 13th film where I thought Jason looked menacing. Part 2 on the other hand is so much fun. The characters are very likeable, and the climax has me in tears every time I see it. It's Muffin! Hilarious stuff. Probably a guilty pleasure kind of film, although I don't know if some of its funnier moments were intentional or not. I guess I'll go with Part 2, simply because I got more entertainment out of it.

I'm actually gonna go with Part 3, but Part 2 is quite entertaining as well.

The Final Chapter was pretty good I don't love it as much as the ones before it well I do like it more than 3 but number two is my favorite in the series

I'm not into The Final Chapter. It had a lot of awful problems. Every F13 movie has its problems, but man the Final Chapter ones were really bad.

I consider Part 4 to be the best film in the franchise. The second movie is my second favorite but I find that The Final Chapter gives fans everything they love about the Franchise.

The Final Chapter is probably the better film of the two, but Part II has my favorite “Final Girl” and the killer I find most terrifying. Ginny’s dive into Jason’s psyche is better established than Tommy’s narratively, so her victory feels more earned in the end. Close call, but Part II takes it for me.

Part II is middling at best, Final Chapter is the best Friday after Part VI