The Ten Commandments vs. The Prince of Egypt



Interesting match up of the Moses movies. "Commandments" is a certified Hollywood masterpiece and Heston was iconic in the role, but I have to say that "Prince of Egypt" was also quite enjoyable while being faithful to the source material.

I agree with about both of these movies. I really like them both but I grew up with Ten Commandments so I have to give the edge to the Heston epic!

Prince of Egypt really does some nice things with the story, especially between Moses and Rameses, but I could have done without most of the songs. Ten Commandments is epic, and a classic, but just a bit long for my tastes. Still going with the one that airs on network TV every year.

Prince of Egypt for better pacing and conflict

Ten Commandments only mentions 9/12 of the Plagues whereas The Prince of Egypt shows all and uses the first 11 as the backdrop for its most kick-ass song. That's enough for it to win in my book.

Yul Breezy and that dialogue? Game over, man.