The Raid 2 vs. The Raid



"The Raid 2" makes "The Raid" look like "Driving Miss Daisy". That's all I'll say.

The Raid 2 is one of the best action movies I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. The first one is amazing as well, but the sequel is just something else entirely. Holy shit, these movies are spectacular!

yea......., the Raid 2 doesnt get much better

I love both of these films. The Raid 2.

The Raid is a great action movie, The Raid 2 is an awesome action movie, and beautifully shot. Both films took my breath away, but the second movie is just incredible.

raid 2

WTF is happening here?

It was the better movie. The first one's got that relentless pacing, but the second one IS the better movie. Strictly speaking action, it's still the better movie.

I'll expand on that, I guess. The one edge The Raid has is in its pacing. The first one refuses to let up. It grabs you by the balls and it doesn't let go until Rama walks through the gate. I don't find Berandal slow, at all, but I really enjoy the "all meat, no fat" approach of the first. The second one's got the better story - there's a genuine weight and pathos this time around (some very Shakespearean stuff going down with Rama and Uco), something that was really only hinted at in the original, but expanded upon here. SPOILERS The shotgun blast to Andi's face was a great way to open the movie. Wipes parts of the slate clean, sets shit in motion, and it gives Rama a reason to hurt a whole lot of people. Loved the "Watch over me." line. And the "TWO YEARS LATER" text hit me like a ton of bricks. Took a genre film hero and fucked his life up. NO MOAR SPOILERS The action scenes are incredible. When it comes to knowledge of action/martial arts movies, I'd say I'm somewhere in the top .000001% here, and I'm telling you this stuff is batshit. The muddy prison riot gets the adrenaline going and I hadn't realized the nightclub fight had my heart racing until Yayan Ruhian shanked a guy in his throat and the screen cut to black! Then it goes Hard Boiled and everything from the intro of Bejo's henchmen to "No, I'm done." was brilliant. The car chase was gleefully (GLEEFULLY) violent. Not sadistic, mind you, but (like the rest of the movie) insanely, Paul Verhoeven-ly violent. And the one-two-punch of the finale pushes it over the cliff to 11 (simply because Gareth Evans' shit goes to 11). The kitchen fight...orgasmic for people like me. Seems to pay homage to Game of Death, Wheels on Meals, and Way of the Dragon all at once. Evans and I seem to be cinematic-kindred-spirits, and it's fun spotting all the references and influences - Chan, Woo, Peckinpah, Scorsese, Kitano, Refn, Miike, Noe, Sezuki,'s all up there. Everything I love tied up in a bloody bow.

The first one was great, but the second one was incredible!

I'm actually siding with Cleckley here and going with the first one. Sure, the action is upped in the sequel, but the narrative is lacking. Spectacular hand to hand combat on both sides, though.

The Raid 2 was one of the best action movies that I've seen in at least 15 years. Love the first one...but part 2 is mind blowing.

Loved 'The Raid' but the sequel just took things to another level. Great story, colourful characters & superb fight/action's quite simply one of the best martial arts flicks that I've ever seen.

If it's about the narrative, I have absolutely no idea why Boonmee is siding with me on this one. The Raid has a very limited narrative and the second one is clearly a mish-mash of everybody's favourite crime, gangster and kung-fu flicks. The narrative is lacking? That makes zero sense. TK has already explained all that though, so no need to do a cover version. "When it comes to knowledge of action/martial arts movies, I'd say I'm somewhere in the top .000001% here..." I guess I'd say I'm that other guy... the one that forces you into an echelon rather than just claiming the throne (in the very same way that I can't claim to be the baws because of you). Anyway, Berendal loses because of pacing, filler and a lacking soundtrack. That "filler" stuff is actually some pretty sweet cinema, but this that shit that does better without.

the raid 2 wins here fighting the raid 2 was better then the first one can't wait for the raid 3.

I'm going with The Raid 2. It keeps the amazing action from the first movie and adds an actual story. Best action movie in recent memory, rivaled only by John Wick.

I'll be in the minority here. Both are crazy.

I'd much rather watch the original Raid. The story is more simplistic which works better for me given the extreme violence and action.

I love these two movies. I just got done watching them pretty close together, for like the millionth time. What I found this time is that the story in Raid 2 is much more complicated and convoluted. It's not incoherent, but The Raid: Redemption is tighter and more tense because there's less going on. I love the action and set pieces more from the second one, but I also feel that the cinematography is weaker in the second one - it's a whole lot more shaky and distorted at times as compared to the first one. I find myself getting excited for moments of action more in the second one, whereas in the first one I get excited for reveals and plot threads in the story (as well as the action.) Both films are very, very good and by far the best action films from the last decade or so (outside of select sci-fi action or superhero films), BUT the original THE RAID wins for me.

They’re both fucking badass with insane fight scenes and a shit load of gore, but I thought the raid 2 was even better than the first, there’s a lot more action, it’s bloodier and gorier, I love the gangster elements (I would’ve loved to see the rest of the gang war that broke out), it’s more open-world (like the purge 2 and 3), and considering the story it has, it can easily pass as sleeping dogs: the movie

Raid 2 all the way! Love them both.