Biker Boyz vs. Boyz 'N the Hood



Battle of the Boyz. And hey, they've both got Laurence Fishburne. Boyz in the Hood is actually a damn fine movie. Biker Boyz is a movie that doesn't know what the hell it wants to be. Boring coming-of-age movie or an action film? The thing is, neither is good enough for anyone to care. The races are short and to-the-point. No time for fun there, really. And the dramatic half is just cliche after cliche. By the end of the movie, we finally get a decision - they settle for being a drama (boy, was dumb teenage me pissed when BB was over). Since the movie delivers on neither genre, and Mr. Fishburne is put to much better use in BitH, it's obvious which one takes the win here.

Boyz (with a z) N the Hood is the far, far superior film.

Boyz will be Boyz lol. Fishburn and crew were far better in N the Hood! its a way better movie overall!